Preserve account feature

I see people are now frequently complaining and are afraid of having their account deleted.

So, this is some sort of a button, use it if you plan to leave the game for a while then return back. Without seeing your account deleted.
This feature only works for those who linked email to account, and using it without doing so will prompt you to link your email.

This feature will not preserve your account forever, if it meets deletion requirements, it’ll be prevented from being deleted 2 times.
User can preserve their accounts as long as they please, but the feature is used, it’ll be off if the player joins again at any time, so they have to reactivate the feature if they want to use it again.

Would you like this feature be added?
  • Yes.
  • No.

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This makes the feature largely redundant, since linking an email prevents your account from being deleted for inactivity as long as you have at least 1 hour of playtime.


Just add an in-game warning about account inactivity.

That would hardly be effective since by definition almost-inactive players do not log in so they can see the message.

The assumption is that if you haven’t set an e-mail, then you’re not playing seriously, so losing your account wouldn’t be a big deal.


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