Early Access version 51

I said the counter is still 1. I know that it can be mounted in both of them, it’s just the counter is 1 instead of 0.

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It’s a consequence of how I’ve implemented it. Intended.

Because only skills can remove them – and skills are no longer allowed.


I’m not sure about problem, but in the new version I have this issue again so many times.

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Maybe there’s a problem with your network. Check if the firewall is blocking it or not.

No, nothing new happened. Checked everything.

A new sweet HUD item. I can’t wait to test it. it looks awesome. (this is my opinion tho, guys, don’t take it seriously)

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I keep mistaking you with gabytzu. You both have super similar profile picture


Yeah, but in fact, A few parts are white, so it reminds me of america flag, So it’s a bit different. (cockpit is also white, so, it’s different)
Besides, gabytzu has the ship preview on his profile picture VERY close, while mine is a bit far away. Something like 100% zoom.

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Yea, I mean I’m getting used to it now.

why is the quip behind the food and feather and litteraly everything, the quip is a hud element thing right?

The Spin Class wave variation should be named as well, like Spin Course, Spin Set, Twist Class, etc.


Spin Academy? Jk


To be fair, the ‘too many checkboxes’ thing is actually preventing some really important settings. It’s not a ‘bad’ game design idea if implemented properly. For example, if you’ve played DEFCON, there’s a ton of checkboxes but it’s really cluttered. Now compare that to NFS MW 2012. I know, there’s not that many settings, but there kinda are. But the thing is, they’re categorized well. It looks really pleasant and it also allows you to fit more options so that the player, especially newbies, feel like they’re provided with a good configurable game which they can customize to their liking performance wise. So, what design do I propose? To categorize as it is in the beggining, and providing basic options as well as a another button in the corner that says ‘advanced settings’. For example, the advanced settings of the ‘Video’ tab (i forgot what it was called exactly) could have gamma adjustment, max frame, all that jazz so that way, you can fit these things in without making it a mess or too dumbed down. Thanks for reading this.



I think it’s to prevent obstruction of projectiles and pickups. (crud i forgot to use thr quote option a)

I would like this button instead


10/10 photoshop :sweat_smile:

Not like I’m any better at it anyway



That one part at the egg barrier…
(Also @InterAction_studios, can you program so that when we choose the same song loadout (wave and boss slots), it acts like when we at the 120th anniversary but without any song loadouts?)


no no no no no no no NO

Just equip it in both slots yourself. Some people out here want to use two different songs on waves and bosses. There’s a reason why the music choices were increased to both Wave and Boss and not just Waves only


Do you friends have trouble connecting?

The download line does not fill up and remains constant.

And then comes the message.