CIU version 143 BETA

i wonder what is something new in this version because I saw that the features in Known bugs & new features were added in 143.1.

Ia i wanted to suggest you something for new version i think we all remmeber the 2002 party mode was in v110?or 115 anyways the song of it is good i like it what if we add it to the game menu (where we get our notlifications)the song is making me tierd (i mean that one we hear after entring in account)what if we add a new song but if a player didnt like that 2002 mode song add something the user select menu music you can add new songs
What do you think?

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There is a bunch of 2002 music mods in the mods topic.


Or this one.



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Is this related to “Galactic Entertainment Network” (GEN)?

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In CI3U christmas, CI3 UFO has changed into CI2U Santa drives a reindeer cart.

In Yolk-Star & Pizza Delivery cutscene, there is something unusual about the frame of Santa driving the reindeer cart. Like the kind of animation that doesn’t have run to the end and reverse back to the start. And wave 23/78/112 (Close Encounters) is fine.

Should CI3U Christmas be reverted to CI3 UFO? It is using the UFO sound that appears when Santa appears.


some disappointed about key rush update early
while in-game put early version after downloading easily.

never being non 100% completion failure and cannot fly again or at least before key rush reset (should be moved v.143.3 until next update).

The “result” section should have said “COMPLETED” whether it was victory/surrender/defeat in key rush mission outcome.


Talking about any ‘epic’ wave. There should be a lot of waves that can be counted into this. Some waves that there is only one type of enemy in a wave (e.g., Chickenaut in “Over the rainbow” wave), but there are some waves that very annoying because of many type of chickens (the number of the chickens from “Elite” tier like Coward, Balloon, Phoenix,… are more than others in a single wave, chickens from “Miniboss” tier is also making annoying to the player) (e.g. “Bubble Ring”, “Palputating Grid”, “What’s the time?”, …)

That’s all! I don’t know what will iA think about this?

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literally this topic

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Ye, but i see that there are still some waves in that topic that they’re not worth to be recognized as an epic wave.

or this:

In this case, we need to filter a lot of cases.

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hey read topic correctly epic and INTERSTING waves


Of course you can, but did you make sure that every cases in that topic that they are all epic?

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CI3U don’t have show CI3 fader after “THE END” letters disappeared in ending cutscene like other CI2U/CI4U/CI5U ending cutscene.

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@InterAction_studios Suggestion for Unoriginally Penalty in Race: with every 10% it will add 10 seconds in your mission time (Idk if the idea was suggested before or not)

Unoriginal Penalty is meant to prevent score/key/food farming, while Space Race is a time-based competitive mission. There’s no proper reason for extra time penalty, simply because:

  • Space Race Competition lasts a few days. We have plenty of time to play it.
  • Most sprinters don’t even go past the 3rd attempt.

Much less the first attempt. Some are just that good in optimization.

Are Food Raids supposed to override the Cuisines you have in your loadout? I had a Raid in my KO match and I saw a variety of food that wasn’t Burger food.

Droid raids utilise random food.