Early Access version 116

They are still leaderboards and I can understand why people don’t like seeing people there that play in an exploitative way.

They are disqualified from competitive leaderboards, but not mission leaderboards (that you see middle-bottom of the screen when you select a mission).


Pointless, since codenames have no meaning.

They don’t. I’m merely explaining the reasons for removing their food.

By that stage it’s already too late to react.

Not easily. What is much easier is to always show the health HUD, even when the boss appears on their own (yes, it would be redundant, because you can already see that in the % progress, but I hardly think that’s a big issue). Poll?

Changed in v.117 :medal_sports: Idea

It takes two seconds for Burger to fully descent, which I think is plenty of time.

Although you are correct in that enemies are prevented from spawning directly at the bottom, the name of the wave is “Look in All Directions”, so… ugh. Ok, I’ve left the zones as-is, but I changed the spawning to better match the wave’s title. Changed in v.117

I don’t understand.

No. Your spacecraft’s direction clearly shows where you should be expecting enemies to appear from.

Huh… Might be worth it. Poll it.



What’s wrong?

Yes, you still need to play any outstanding dares. It’s much easier housekeeping for me, and it prevents exploits(?) where you leave the league specifically to ignore a dare.

What is the bug?

Maybe around Christmas.

And what about the rest of the galaxy, which has variable discounts? There are always going to be these sorts of minor price inversions.

That’s what I did.


He mains that one of the missions is in the to-do list, despite being done.

You must have completed it previously as a Squadron Assignment.


Ok :+1:

Can “The Forge” wave have 3 Safe Zones?

  • Yes
  • No

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It’s already added:


Yeah I saw it.

Alrighty then. Guess we’re having a poll on that.

Should the Health HUD be visible on all bosses when it is activated?
  • Yes
  • No

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Quick context update for why this poll even exists:

Some bosses encountered in Double Team doesn’t show their health even with the Health HUD on,
this is because it’s the exact same boss code-wise as the ones encountered in other levels in which they appear as a solo opponent. (Examples: UCO, Crabs, Iron Chef, …)

This makes sense if the bosses actually appear as solo opponents, but it’s not the case in Double Team, which makes having the Health HUD on in a lot of cases feel useless.

I personally would like to see it being implemented, mainly because the Health HUD not showing health just … yeah, that doesn’t feel right.

The side effect being that if this gets changed, all bosses get the HUD, so in certain cases where they appear as solo enemies, it’s a bit redundant because the health can be seen by % HUD which is enabled at all times when facing a boss, so there’s that.

Don’t think that’s too big of a deal though - I personally wanted to see how that looks like on Yolk Star phase 2, so yeah.

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Grayscale effect doesn’t effect exhaust and hardpoints. Bug?

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why is the iron chef thing an idea lol
what have I done?

I know. Coins are not food, but I created skins for them based on new varieties of food.

Vegetarian Cuisine

Popcorn Cuisine

Sweets Cuisine

Pizza Cuisine

Fried Chicken Cuisine


All of these skins designs are good, but the Fried Chicken Cuisine skin design looks cursed.


There are people here who is fine with this exploit because it is legal exploit, and besides I said that there is no reward in exchange of getting a place in the leaderboards.

I still find a poll verification on this necessary if you don’t mind?

Unnecessary as the middle safe zone is not misleading.

The idea is already implemented:

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Why are the sweets in the sweets cuisine less realistic than in Piggly?

Eating a sock


Thinking about closing this poll after 4 days just to get the best possible results.
Though it also means that it goes up the chain as time goes on and people are not as likely to see it.

(IA did ask for this poll though so I think it’s fine if I drag it down a bit just so everyone sees it and gives their opinions)

Or should I just close it at the end of today? idk tbh.

Should’ve made a score scaler for this poll.

Changing now…

I have 1 thing to say about “The Next Generation” wave (though i don’t have any picture about it)
Everyone was known that “The Next Generation” wave is the first wave of CI4, with introducing new breed chicken of CI series: The Chick. And you know, following its name wave and the story of CI4, that’s true
Back to CIU, “The Next Generation” now can be random chickens. I think this is not correct with the first wave of CI4 (in the story). My suggestion is: Let “The Next Generation” wave has only mixed of type of chicks. I mean: In that wave, beside Chick, that wave can have other type of chicks in same time with Chick, with depend on difficult of mission. Thanks you!

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