CIU version 146 BETA

and just last moment, Giant robotic space crab should be orange eyes on summer?

or one just moment
frozen environments meteor boss beach ball just blue lightier than normal should an dark instead?

I got an idea to add ice-cream cuisine
A new edition of the food good for the summer season


Fixed in v.146.2 :medal_sports: Bug

It’s the same for all these waves (101-109) whenever an enemy is missing from a row. I can’t fix this easily.

Fixed in v.146.2 :medal_sports: Bug

No, it’s some random coral reef.

The new Egg Cannon / Yolk Star / Henterprise reskins are even worse. There’s only so much “theming” one can do.

Fixed in v.146.2 :medal_sports: Bug

I’ll look into this

This has been already fixed as part of the “pointless” enemy fix.


These are correct. What looks weird is the “darkening” on the boss’ shirt, but I can’t do much about that.

I’ll look into it.


I think you just got very lucky to get 6 Hypergun since I played CI5U and I only got 1

In CIXU cutscene, puppet chicken don’t have wearing floatie in summer edition yet.

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Do you mean the one in CI3U? This is already fixed in v146.2:

No, I’m talking about in CI4U cutscene. And maybe in CI5U cutscene too (Hero return to Earth and puppet chicken flock appearing from Earth).


i wish that at CI2U text colors yellow and orange from summer or GUI during release.

@InterAction_studios Do you plan any songs in Summer theme? I think that would be nice


I think the danger zone in Partner Acrobatics is still unclear (because the second stage spawns chicken in unmarked zone). To be honest, all four corners should be marked with danger zones, including Chicken Acrobatics, just a way to babysit newcomers a little.


In CI3U, The big chicken at intro is naked (but not while in “Prologue”)(Summer theme)

already reported again

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Already reported too lmao

Added in v.146.2 :medal_sports: Idea


Added to v.146.2 :medal_sports: Idea



BETA server is now off-line


I don’t see these in the changelog. Maybe you forgot to list them.

more like the whole replies today

bringing up the christmas cuisine idea again, could reuse assets from Christmas Eve Crisis maybe

also incredibly niche but the earth chapter in CI5 could have a summer sky from Piggly or Smileyville


Fixed in v.146.2 :medal_sports: Bug