Early Access version 52

CIU 2020-07-12 17.15.38 740.724 Nice

It should be “Henterprise Hencounter”, the Henterprise of this wave is too slow, unlike Hend Game.

Maybe he was referring to the new waves that got added in this update.

Is it really intended that difficulty modifiers can change some waves you’ll get on a mission?

Tried a few, an example:
The first wave is Anode-Cathode and when Superstar Hero is applied, it became On the Radar.

Let’s try this. If it doesn’t work, I can remove the barriers altogether

Changed in v.53 :medal_sports: Idea

Yes, because some waves only appear on certain difficulties. But I’ll see if this can be circumvented somehow.

Update: and indeed it can. Changed in v.53 :medal_sports: Idea


I remember suggesting it before:


Seems like it appens with all the U̶C̶H̶Ó̶S UCO Encounters too…


@InterAction_studios I got 2 questions about Weapon Training Challenges:

  1. Is the weapon select per wave random for every player or same for all players?
  2. Maybe this part should come earlier like when mentioning the wave name not after the wave starts, because it’s kind of pointless to me like this:
    Weapon Training
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Yes, it’s same.

How you can’t wait those little seconds?

Now that we have the ball barrier, is it going to be present in “Do Not Cross” wave as it normally is in CI4?


has anyone try the weapon training mission?..I just do!!!..very interesting :slight_smile: there’s a training evan for the moron? …has anyone “meet” the moron?

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Yes, i tried the mission. It was interesting.

Where i can find it ? i still need to learn more about the game options

In the Inbox messages.

look , after i were tired passing these star systems and do these missions , i dont want to see any types of missions like this XD

But at least, you know how to locate it, right?

yeah .

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‘‘Merry-Go-Round’’ wave should have anoter Danger Zone where the other group of chickens appear…

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@InterAction_studios why are there nofications in screenshot mode?

Also can we have “Weapon training top-10”

You can only see half of egg cannon health bar



It’s the same for all players.

I know, but due to the way the repeatable randomizer works, the wave must have started first.

Well, it’s indestructible now, so I think the egg works better.

Because they’re on a different layer than the game. Just wait until they clear.

Fixed in v.53 :medal_sports: Idea

Check the daily leaderboard - it uses the same one.

Will see if/how this can be fixed.