CIU version 146 BETA

UFO Chick doesn’t wear blue swimming goggles yet.

And Chick Gatling/Laser Gun too.

also we to do from french fries cuisine.

Which season are you using? If it is Summer, then there is nothing wrong here. Ice Cream has become the main cuisine of Summer Edition.

This make me miss my old crush, damn :pensive:

Suggestion: If the Military Chicken decided to go for a summer vacation, at least he should wear something suitable for his vacation, not wearing the army clothes like this.

For the UFO tier (except Fester/Alien). Since their head are still inside the cockpit, not like the UCO boss. If you decide to keep the glass of the cockpit, you should add a hot effect like other chickens, since they can feel very hot while inside the cockpit.

Where did the app color go


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Would it be possible to add a lifeguard chicken inside the Coop, maybe make it hold that surfboard?
Just following the player around with its eyes and reacting once you shoot the coop, (Like UCO).


Screenshot 2024-05-21 143324
Is it possible to replace the boss egg icon into orange splash


Do you really think there’s no air conditioning in a futuristic UFO?

Then why the the glass of cockpit for UCO bosses was replaced by the umbrella?


the chick inside UFO wears nothing but wear goggles when destroy its UFO

isn’t that what i suggested

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already reported once just first suggestion iA not respond at all?

i thought Hend Game would be a “big” submarine

You don’t need to use the underline like this. Let me try to explain.

Well, it’s too hard to give Henterprise a better costume for Summer edition. However, this is the thing that i can collect by searching Google.
A fighting submarine, though this is too hard to make Henterprise be suitable, since its shape is very different.

Look at this, a submarine with the shark shape. I don’t know if this works but… try to design Henterprise like a submarine. I don’t have any idea how to change Henterprise for better costume.

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i guess the egg cannon can be a submarine, since they have almost contemporary attributes and build.

i always joke about how egg cannon kinda looks like a water bottle, maybe it could be one for summer edition

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Comet reskin into pineapple


Uh… you are right. But the current Egg Cannon now had their costume. I don’t know if it’s possible to rework once again the Egg Cannon’s summer costume.

But wait… if we do that, then what about Henterprise? Which things look like its shape?

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the sun…, but it’s already for the Superchick, anything else?
(edit: or an “island” costume?)

maybe adjust its colors and add windmills on the barrels that shoot the pink lasers, and partially scratch of the “CK-01 HENTERPRISE” text to convey that it melted, and the suns should be red

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