Early Access version 47

Each U.C.O. variation how has its own wave title

@InterAction_studios You mean “now”?

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So I noticed that Plasma’s AoE isn’t affected by damage amplifiers, so the AoE is distinctively weak compared to the main beam.


Shouldn’t the ‘I’ and the ‘B’ in Ion Blaster’s description be capitalised?

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Is it intended for the laser sources to not stand in the laser pods of egg cannon? (the lines that i drew are the distance the lights are away from the laser pods)


Why idea?

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Huh. It goes all the way back to CI2.

Fixed in v.48 :medal_sports: Bug

Because I made a mistake. It’s correctly listed as a bug here: Known bugs & new features


I’m still on 5

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How old is your screenshot? This was fixed in v.41

Also, pinging after 2 hours is extremely poor form :angry:

Sorry. Awarded.


This is on v47. Also the screenshot that i showed, shows that the laser lights are placed away from the laser pods on the egg cannon cannon cannon cannonade. nothing else.

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I need to see the whole screenshot.


How you would reproduce this:
1- Keep damaging the egg cannon x3 and stop when it fires orange bullets
2- Damage the egg cannon x3 when you reach 32% then 33% and this happens when it zooms in:

(the cyan circle shows where the lights are wrongly placed after zoom in, the green circle are the places of where they were supposed to be, also sorry if the hud covers up the light above [which is shown by the green circle], it was just a mirrored version of egg cannon x3)

Ah, right, so it’s during the camera zoom-in. Acknowledged, won’t fix (it’s cosmetic).


That’s because you got hit by the laser ring, so it disappeared. As expected.


Let me add to what @SpryterTerraxian said,

Shouldn’t the “L” and “C” be captailzed in the Laser Cannon’s description?

You shouldn’t get a medal for this though. It should go to Spryter as he was the first to report something very similar.

Either that, or no medal. Also, change every weapon description that contains the weapon name in no caps instead of just ONE at a time. This pretty much seems like farming bug medals otherwise, as the changes are seriously too small and not game breaking.


I got a question: If I bought a weapon, then it got new features or reworked in the next update, will I be able to use them, or should I sell them and buy them again?

The reason I am saying this is because I bought the Barbequer&Bird-Flu Gun Satellites before the update, so there are still multiple icons of them, but I bought the Microgun&ICBM after the update and I noticed that they are summarized in 2 icons only, click the “Example” below to understand better:


So it there a way to summarize the Barbequer&Bird-Flu Gun into 2 icons only, or do I have to sell them then buy them again?

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Woah thank you it’s not the bug that the plasma is fully invisible after pausing
ater unpause the only thing that is here is particles

You’ll have to sell and rebuy.

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You know, I’m of the opiniön that weapons ſhould not be capitaliſed, unleſs the weapon includes a brand name or whatever. This is cloſer to what we write in real life- e.g. “ſemi-automatic rifle” “submachine gun” “Gatling gun” (although Gatling is often not capitaliſed theſe days).

Capitaliſing Ion Blaſter throughout juſt ſeems pretentious.


Fixed in v.48 :medal_sports: Bug