Second bunch of my ideas

Well, one could argue that missions take place near enough to the planet but not actually in orbit (where gravity would act as a centripetal force), so the planet’s gravitational pull must also be constantly counteracted in order to avoid crashing into it. Part of the engines’ thrust is therefore ‘lost’ to that end, leaving less thrust (=acceleration) available to perform flight maneuvers.

Or, one could simply say “because reasons” :slight_smile:


Well you made me remember something that could help with travel in CIU.

You all must know Battle Royale games. There’s this toxic areas, storm or whatever you call it and you can’t stay in one place because of that. So here’s three ways we can add it to game with small portion of sense:

  1. Gamma rays. Not much to say. When there are gamma rays you need to avoid contact with them, but I don’t think that it would be possible to indicate in which area the gamma rays are.

  2. Supernova. This would make more sense and be easier to show on map. it’s also easy to explain: The sun explodes and if you want to stay alive you need to go to other solar system. Simple.

  3. Cosmic rays. This could be as well gamma rays above, but this is the theory that @BinhTurtle made me remember and I should mention it. So there’s a theory that there is a correlation between our solar system place in milky way galaxy and extinction of species. Here’s the link to explain that better than me: Death Rays From Space: How Bad Are They? | Space (It’s under Cosmic ray roulette heading)
    And here’s the source:

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Added to v.53 :medal_sports: Idea


I think missions coming from massive environment should have a designated icon on their mission tab as well.

So retro missions will be harder?
I mean… whormholes have the “massive” environment

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Yes. Although, speed is not that critical in Retro missions, so I don’t think the difference will be great.


so bombers will be way slower or will they just move little slower because they already are slow?

If you’d checked the changelog you’d see that:


Added to v.53 :medal_sports: Idea


Nice ideas .
So it can in frozen planets the weapon overheat much slower . Isn’t it ?

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It was mentioned before, link


Yeah, still a reminder for adding them together for hot and frozen.

Yes. (i think the frozen planets effect thing was also mentioned before other than this link, correct me if i’m wrong though).


I think that was the first:


Well I agree with all of your ideas except the third one because imagine beating a level with heavy-bomber BX-9…imagine how slow would it move and how hard would it be to beat that level for example.

First: I suggested it before bombers were a thing.



I’m okay with idea.

But this idea…I’m against.

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