Early Access version 52

Also, @SA-GoldenBoss128, before suggesting different names, please be sure it’s not already in-game.

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OK, sorry for that.

Description says that firing manually increases damage at low FP levels I tried firing manually but i haven’t noticed any difference

I think it meant DPS (Damage Per Second) because manual firing is faster at low FP levels.


That’s outdated – manual firing has been since removed. Fixed in v.53 :medal_sports: Bug


What the 100&12.5 numbers mean? Is it their appearing percent?

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Yes. These are their chances appearing.

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Then why all of them except boss rush have 100?
And Feather Fields won’t be playable, right?

I hope darkness&invader types appear too.

Yes. It’s obvious by the “user-inaccesible” text.

wait, it says “weight” so that’s not the chance…

What is hybrid ?

@marksam123 Wait a minute, i was blind then…


It’s just combination of multiple mission types.

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Does that mean they will not appear?

I don’t even understand this line to explain, all of what i said that it’s not “chances”, I’ll just let @interaction_studios explain this line.

I, being blind, thought that they were chances… I’m so sorry for the inaccurate information :frowning:

Let’s just wait for IA then.

Yeah, let’s wait…

Just add all their values to get their respective ratio.
100 + 100 + 100 + 100 + 100 + 12.5 = 512.5

Boss Rush has a probably of 12.5/512.5 appearing in either 4th or 8th stage of a weekly, which is approximately 2.44 percent.