Early Access version 102

If both players didn’t fly, the person with their callsign placed on top wins by default.

bruh, it might be less worse if they compared it by top of all time

@InterAction_studios, the POPCORN pellets doesn’t actually knockback feathers which makes Corn Shotgun suck at dealing with a lot of feathers when overheated. Can you give it some knockback like you did with Plasma Rifle?

just don’t shoot overheating


also,you can change weapon in next wave

have u ever eaten popcorn lol

just don’t shoot while its overheated
that is why you literally shouldn’t overheat alot

Real be like: throw popcorn into the feather but the feather don’t fly away xd

Hi can you buff Riddler from 110 damage to 150 ( on superstar hero) because on low firepower levels it feels kinda worse than other weapons

try shooting popcorn and shooting corn at the feather in real life lmfao

High damages on weapon is only on easy difficulties and low damages Is for hard Difficulties

That would totally not make it overperform on high power levels. Also why in the world would you buff a weapon for ssh only?


I might understand 120 or 125 but 150 is too much. It’s a 36% increase in DPS to a weapon that has the second longest overheat time and the highest damage before overheating.

Also, difficulty specific buff is just weird to begin with.


surrender :slight_smile: or probably unprepared :slight_smile:

that popcorn can’t push back those feather so you just need wait the overheat bar make it reduce then it will turn into the original corn.

now why two new bosses

this two new bosses

btw you can visit:

to see anything new In the next update

Neither played flew the match, so by default the top player advances.

Don’t overheat it then :smirk: