Early Access version 76

  • Alien mothership: I could reduce the points-per-chunk to 50% (total reduction 415k)

  • Show’ em: This is tricky because it depends on the number of bosses (and I can’t vary the number of points based on that). But a reduction from 50k to 30k per boss is reasonable (max 120k reduction)

  • Shoot the Core: This is problematic because most score comes from barriers, not the boss. I could reduce the special (attacking) barrier score from 15k to 7.5k. That would result in an overall -100K reduction.

Alternatively (or perhaps additionally?), I could double the score for all bosses except for those 3, but I’m afraid that might cause other scoring imbalances :thinking:


Actually that request was denied

I mean, that works I suppose.

Why, despite 3 updates, the translation of many text is still wrong?
Translation does not apply to these sections.

Wormholes and suns are in this category.

The translated form of the description of some medals is incorrect.
Screenshot (456) Screenshot (457)
The words are correct but written in reverse.
Also this section on level configuration.

Also, Persian and Arabic numerals are still not applied in the game, and the numbers of sections such as time / date / points, etc are English, which causes problem.


In all planets, first the name and then the type are mentioned. But this is not the case in wormholes and suns!Screenshot (454) Screenshot (458)

Screenshot (462) Screenshot (463) Screenshot (464)

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Great. now bombers gonna have bad time navigate the RNG. EVEN IN THE CORNER IS NOT SAFE.

I swear, you can get rammed by these guys now. You can’t play safe anymore, SPAM YOUR PHASE-OUTS!

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He will never listen, instead, he will just buffing, and buffing, and buffing, interrupting every of IA/CIU fan’s wishes for new content
There is no way to stop this monster, even we spam PM him, he will never, ever follow us
You cannot tackle him in any sort of way possible, it’s just that “he ignores your PMs for stop buffing bosses”, and making a developer “responsible” to a person who literally is ruining the game entirely out of demand

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Awesome, you know what this means, back to basics. Be prepared for more buffs in the future.

He won’t listen from people’s cry. He won’t listen from the guys trying to. He don’t care about the newborn baby. HE JUST WANT IT FOR HIMSELF. THIS IS SELFISH, JUST PURE PLAIN SELFISH TO GET THE DAMN MEDAL WITH THE EXCHANGE OF GIVING EVERYONE SUFFERING.

Madness capacity reached, engaging all at once.

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I think “monster” is a bit of an exaggeration here.

I doubt that is an actual tactic in winning someone over in an argument.

Oh c’mon. Maybe it’s making the game a wee bit unbalanced, but I wouldn’t call it “ruining”.


I think I suggested removing bug and idea medals at all before but it won’t be greeted by the most of community.


At this point, I do want them removed.

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to:dr (too overreacting didn’t read): GB is making bombers useless in double team

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just fucking remove them at this point if you’re not going to give it custom volleys in a way that is viable or give it its own space in the game but are going to point it out as a “limitation”

These medals might be important for those who made big suggestions which made the game look like it is right now (example: weapon rebalance, new bosses, league).

Please revoke the Big Chicken buff, like… 6 big chickens are already hard enough with all the fast egg drop and almost no space to breath and now what, a speed buff?? I can’t express my feeling rn, all I can say is… disappointed.


I think the Weapon Balance people got multiple medals to compensate. No idea though.

Health values and attacks of bosses, I feel, needs a dedicated balance program for it, instead of stabbing around in the dark with number changes. It needs o account for all difficulties and ensuring a smooth difficulty slope.

Pretty sure he has more.


Like try doing the wave “On the Radar” with toxic chickens with bombers, there’s just too few people who can actually pass through that shit. Not to mention these new ram-happy bosses.

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Problem is that they are given out like Halloween candy. Even for the most simple suggestions.
These medals are supposed to show that you contributed to the community in a huge way. When they are given out for even the smallest things, they honestly lose their value. So either remove them completely, or only give them as a reward for game changing features.

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