CIU version 142 BETA

How should the CI4 Mother-Hen Ship boss fight be renamed?
  • Mother-Hen Ship Mk III
  • The Mother-Hen Ship Pays Another Visit
  • The Bigger and Better Mother-Hen Ship
  • My, how the Mother-Hen Ship has Grown!
  • The Mother-Hen Ship Turns Cyborg
  • Eggular Cybernetic Organism
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Uh… what is the “Mk III”?


Kind of model number.

For some reason, Adding Mk. [x] to any title makes them go hard.

Might need an explaination about how this thing work

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me too

For the sake of consistency, I’ll make a poll about the CI3 Mothership possibly being renamed, since the 4 one will inevitably get the M3 moniker.

For the poll below, the CI3 Mothership would have new name of Mother-Hen Ship Mk II.

Should the CI3 Mother-Hen Ship boss be renamed?
  • Yes
  • No
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Which of these features should IA work first after this update?
  • Space Cop
  • Planetary Mission
  • Mission Mixer
  • Bonus Feature in multiplayer
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Its been so long from VF released i think we need new ship that have twice weapons from VF post

Well the results so far are certainly surprising.

Space cop winning probably due to it never appearing in CI games before (excluding cutscene)

Planetary missions everybody already knows my opinion so skip, but mission mixer winning over multiplayer enemy is straight up dumb and stupid. Like, we have a shit ton of missions in CIU already, why is a glorified pick your wave list feature winning over some new feature?


iA said that it’s very hard to add new spacecrafts so i guess you need to wait a bit :confused:

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I’m ready to wait but i really want this feature

Same like toyota mark 2 mk ||

I think i have an ship idea i might make a topic for it

Nahh we don’t need any new topic
Please write it in this topic

But its long

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I want to see ia accept that or no

Ok suggest your idea :wink:

So still wait i dont think i can write it now but ill

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