CIU version 136

:man_shrugging: Fine, it’s now an unlimited number of decorations.

Fixed in v.137 :medal_sports: Bug

This is expected. Enemies that dynamically spawn when their ‘parent’ is destroyed (such as saucer chicks, in this case) mess with the randomizer order.

Hmm, yes. Fixed in v.137 :medal_sports: Bug


I don’t have VR

preparing for UCO5 when…

also the music : 【Ofiicial】PVZ2 x Subway Surfers (Original Soundtrack) - YouTube

Not now yet

Hey, IA. Since this change is coming for the next version, I was thinking perhaps you could make another change in particular… I’m referring to the Top Pilots screen below:

Can you add three buttons so that each only shows its specific column, instead of all three columns shown at the same time? That way, you can widen each column just like you did the callsign and score ones from the All-Time Best screen.

Kinda annoying when text squeezes like in the picture above.

after some time I enjoy some moments of CIU not like before but still a good enjoyment
somethings it changes other it does’t!
one of those is the droid raids! we know it can be counted into the misson complete “numbers” and it seems difficult to indentify into the universe…
so I have a suggestion for a better indentification…
chage the circle to another symbol :star: and make them bigger if its possible and eventually change the color from grey to red maybe


I wonder if Burgermeister™ 3000 appears on 60% difficulty (>=60%)? There is a quest “Nifty Disputation” that has the skill “Seasoned” → 50% - 58%, less than 60% of the difficulty is where Burgermeister™ 3000 shows up, not The Iron Chef.

Well today I receive my 3rd Birthday accomplishment but why Is still show 2 Years 11 Months?


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That is a Droid Raid mission so this is the reason.

also, skills don’t affect to the mission (except Double Team i think) but the original difficulty one.

If I recall (from reading older release notes), its a rounding issue. Its not a big deal.

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Hmm… that would clutter the interface. Even in your mock-up you can see there’s no good place for the buttons.

Also, I’m uncertain how many people would actually care about this to change it.

Due to a boost difficulty receives in the code, Burgermeister effectively starts appearing at 54.167%.

It’s because ‘birthday’ medals are calculated based on GMT timezone, but the ‘joined UHF’ is in your local timezone, so there is a span of a few hours where these don’t exactly match up.


Since, we knew that Pecking Order is only appear in a group chicken that has 4 or more, right? But in this case, why the HUD Pecking Order show me that the “Proton” team have Pecking Order bonus in “Strong Nuclear Force” wave. And yes, it didn’t give me the bonus point.


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IA, any thoughts about this idea?

23 votes, 65% voted for, the rest voted against.

cant play on LAN, it says est. route and then the latency and nothing more, cant join

Maybe check your connection

There won’t be any major changes in August, but I’ve made a note to look at this in September.

However, the case so far doesn’t seem compelling. Arguably, a player who can use multiple different weapons effectively has greater skill than the player who uses a single weapon throughout the mission.

In principle, I like the idea but:

  1. Having cooldowns only in multiplayer is a no. Cooldowns (if implemented) will need to apply equally to all missions.

  2. It’s probably better if cooldowns aren’t simple delays between successive uses, but they are actually “X maximum number of uses in the last Y seconds” (this is the same as the charge/heat mechanic). So in an emergency you can fire e.g. 5 missiles all together, but then you have to wait until your missile ‘stock’ replenishes itself.

  3. I’m not sure how effective they would be in combating the problem they are trying to solve.

Anyway, will revisit in September.


Summer vacation? :sunglasses: :palm_tree:


Are there any major changes at all? Only thing we got lastly was burgermeister boss and rework of how CIU handles editions (which will probably be useful only when the episode DLCs drop in). Where’s the public roadmap of updates?

EDIT: Also, by the way. May I get my topic with “reworking of CIU versioning” opened? I’m preparing update for it which I’ll probably finish in 1-2 hours.