Early Access version 75

then go beat that too

ok dup

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iA, can you shrink the badge a bit? It’s kinda c h o n k

If you defeated UCO 2+4 with video proof and without dying or using anything, then request UCHO 5 whenever you can.

UCO 3+4 is easy, anyone can defeat them because they attack at the same time.

I want to do it but OBS doesn’t let me

Use another recorder. Use the one OneWingLunarian uses.

Also iA, maybe take a look at this later:

It’s a design decision. Needs no explanation.

Because it’s more complicated than Superchick, and I can’t be bothered.

I don’t want to endlessly tweak boss attack patterns. It wastes time which can be better spent elsewhere.

No, I can’t special-case the falling speed. Sometimes you get unlucky. Most of the time there’s a window during which you can grab the gift/atom, because it’s not falling exactly at the same speed as the debris.


Well this is kinda worrying.


Oh, ok, is the maximum number of environments 3 at competitive missions? What are the chances of having environments at Weekly Challenge and Space Race?

I think you should increase the chances since environments rarely appear at Weekly and Space Race.

Is this change applied to Double Team only or normal boss too? If it is to Double Team only add “Double Team” at this change.

nah, iA knows what he’s doing

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Where Is Medal not effected at all
CIU 2021-03-23 23-50-46-85



I have medal from 3

If he did we’d have at least 95% more content and actual balancing on everything. No, I don’t hold a grudge against iA. Please don’t get the wrong idea. I like his games, but when it came to CIU there’s tons of content still in need to be added. Content and hardcore balance changes are what CIU currently needs, and he had three years to do that yet here we are. Not to mention that most of the sprites, missions, etc. were recycled from past games.


It’ll be awarded later.

Oh, the pricings are nice for now. Definitely getting the CHL on Day 1 or Day 2 after Early Access ends.

I use OBS


I thought that too, why isn’t it allowing him though?

because reasons

OBS likes to be a douche
I say that from experience


UCHO busted his PC

Obs is epic