CIU version 129

Isn’t 10 amps only 80 keys if you buy it from the galactic store, 60 if bought from an aftermarket station, so you can net 260 keys max instead of 240 if you only use 1 amp per wave

Clearly I have been diagnosed with inability to do Maths. fsr I thought they were 9 apiece

Oooo… yeah, I’ll have to. I knew it couldn’t be that simple.

It’s not so much a question of “losing”, but rather “gaining less”. The more you play (within 12 hours) the less you gain, until you don’t gain anything at all.

Yes, that’s a large part of it. Also wave farmers will now be prevented from winning rewards (“most active” medals).

What restriction is this?

What do you mean by “again”? Were you able to play multiplayer before but not now? How does each participating computer connect to the internet? Is it a wired or wireless connection? How is it different between your old and new computers?

NAT type is irrelevant when it comes to LAN games (which I think is what @LUK is asking about). It’s mostly about how your router allows (or doesn’t allow) communication between different computers connected to it.


Added in v.130 :medal_sports: Idea

It’s still an experimental feature. It only works when searching for contacts / reporting players.


A few questions (and overall points) I have about that:

  1. So, if someone repeats the same mission over and over, will they completely get disqualified for that day’s/week’s daily medal, or will only those mission completions be disqualified?
  2. If it’s the latter, will all completions of this mission be disqualified, or only the ones that fall under the unoriginality penalty?
  3. I assume it doesn’t straight-out ban them from those medals forever, just prevent from getting them from repeating the same missions, right?
  4. Will the farmer be noticed if they went over the limit in a mission, or is it silent?
  5. If there won’t be notification system in place, then this feature should be explained somewhere in-game, so it doesn’t hurt legit players who want to grind for the medal but don’t read the forums.
  6. In what way the diminishing gains (unorgiinality penalty) rise? Is it like a logarithmic scale, or a simple step-up (ex. -50% for first few repeats, -75% next few repeats etc.).
  7. With unoriginalty penalty bigger than 50% the overall score multiplier could potentially go to negatives (theoretically it already can, but under very strict circumstances, which are practically almostunachievable). That should be accounted for, for example by capping the lowest overall multiplier.

I don’t like this change at all.
It will just make earning keys slower and more tedious than it already is and will also make new players struggle even more in the early game.

This new change basically force players into playing with extra lives equipped, because if you will die your earnings will be reduced, so players will spend more often keys on lives than they do nowadays.

There is also the fact that newcomers die a lot often and don’t have tons of keys to spend on extra lifes like midgame players can.

This just sounds to me as an early game progression nerf and an EA way to accomplish that.

Not to mention the fact that to actual key farming you would now have to waste a lot of favourite mission slots to save tons of comet chases.
Why? Because a death or a mission lost screen will mean that replaying the mission will not be as worth as playing on another one!
The alternative to this? Exploring the galaxy more, so the player will use fuel more often, draining keys even faster.

Please IA, reconsider if this rework actually has a place in the game. Because it sounds like a worsened gameplay experience for every player that isn’t an explorer archetype.

If the rework has to stay, tough, I want to suggest a way to soften the inevitable damage:

Buff the H&C ships with an additional ability to mitigate unoriginality penality (reduces the resource nerf caused by the penality)(better models mitigate less), due to their role as farming and starting ships.

This change may solve some of the problems I have with your rework:

  • Not nerfing too much the early game progression by buffing the starting ship
  • Reducing the negative impact on mid/endgame key grinding, by buffing the farming ships and giving them more of an incentive to be used for grinding

While still mantaining what you want to achive with the rework:

Disencourage players to replay the same missions indifinetly (they would replay only while farming but less than nowadays) and give more (forced IMHO) incentives to the galaxy exploration.

Sorry for the wall of text

I’m writing this post really late into the night, so I aplogize for eventual grammatical horrors in it and the fact that I will respond to eventual replies in about 8 hours


What I’m thinking about is: One of them hosted a mission in a same LAN as other, but when he ready to join the room that hosted in same LAN, it stuck at “Establishing Route” section (which I tested on my home and neighbor’s router and saw differences). So, can we confirm that was caused by router?

How does this make sense? Also don’t you think that’s a bit tedious for new players?

Seems like the super short missions I saved for Quests will be wasted as well, because not just resources, all results will be disqualified and waves don’t count for most active recruit.

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Aw, man. Now I can’t get Most Active recruit medals from farming Anniversary Missions :disappointed: .

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In the “Out of Nowhere” wave, the chickens keep moving in the same 2 or 3 directions, I spent a good minute watching them and nothing changes, and yes, even if you shoot/kill them, nothing changes.

Mission: Anchored Deliveryman.

The directions in these waves are randomized. So it’s completely possible to see the same destination being repeated.

there is a small chance of getting loop warp like this

reduce this

  • yes
  • no

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So the best way to play CIU now will be to just play one short mission daily?

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Only missions played repeatedly will be disqualified.

The unoriginality penalty is not the same thing as disqualification. It’s related, but the criteria are different. You can play a mission that has no unoriginality penalty, but it still gets disqualified.


Yes, the disqualification message is obvious.

Currently it’s -30% for each time you play the mission, without an upper limit. But it fades (reduces) over time, so you need to play the mission twice immediately back-to-back for the full penalty.

No, it’s always capped to be positive (or zero).

Fair point. I’m now disabling the penalty altogether it for tiers less than 10, and slowly ramping it up as you progress. In comes into full force at tier 50. Changed in v.130 :medal_sports: Idea

Clarification: The more you play the same non-competitive mission within 12 hours.

Where did you read anything about short missions being disqualified?

Yes, that’s how the wave is implemented.


I mean I played it repeatedly to farm medals and waves for quests. You said it would be disqualifed for Hard Worker medals, I’m not sure if this also applies to these quests.

Ah yes, disqualifications also affect quests. Quests are generally geared towards “uniqueness” (that’s why several goals explicitly specify “unique” progress), and the goals that have no uniqueness requirement is simply because I had no way of enforcing it.



v.130 UPDATE

ETA Monday 27 Feb 2023 08:00-10:00 GMT


Mind checking this?