Early Access version 69

Did some experimenting and it seems to be happening in the episodes too, using automatic weapons and moving quickly will result in the beam tearing up.

Ok, so “V-sync” is clearly not v-syncing, then. Some graphics drivers have options that will override the game’s V-sync setting (thereby either always forcing V-sync on or off). Looking into that is your best bet.


Thanks, I looked into it and now there are no more tears. My eyes thank you, as well :smirk:

why when i zoom in fast the exhaust move around?

can the information now say about coordinates after the location too?

Because exhaust particles are probably on different layer, like how Egg Cannon Cannon Cannon Cannonade laser sparks don’t move when zooming in.


Why isn’t it listed at: Known bugs & new features

How about you add the month count at “Most recent Flight” so we know if 6 months have passed or not for leaderboards:

It could be like “3 months, 13 days and 4 hours”.

So that means if I use a utensil poker and hit the balloon chicken, the forks gave 406/812 damage to the enemy instead of 325/650. Because if the enemy is weak to the weapon, the weapon damage increases. Very impressive idea!!

iA, why when I click the spacecraft and I did not visit that star system/constellation, it gives me a prompt to travel there instead of the usual compare button?

Because you didn’t explore that star system.

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Ok I already understand

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@VerMishelb (Hide callsign option ("streamer mode"?)) Added in v.70 :medal_sports: Idea

Added to v.70 :medal_sports: Idea

I don’t know. How many FPS are you getting there?


Well, ok, but bear in mind that those 6 months were a one-time thing. Your score won’t just disappear because 6 months have elapsed since you played. Changed in v.70 :medal_sports: Idea

You can’t select any objects within unvisited star systems. It’s meant to encourage exploration.


So I fought the henperor with absolver and 1 thing comes to my mind. That crap can block every of his attacks(and it did). He literally cant do anything to me, other bosses suffer from that too.
Can he for example gain some immunity against that weapon, it even blocks his lasers jeez!? This is ridiculously broken.

Is it possible to add key bonuses on the BX and Muller spacecrafts, or is it only exclusive to the H&C spacecrafts?

Key bonuses is for H&Cs because they’re starter ships, but I think it’s possible. Good idea :+1:

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Because most of you uses Mullers and/or BXs and they don’t have key bonuses. I use my H&C 101 because of its highest key bonus at 18%, and it is perfect if you want to earn keys in missions

I also used it to get the medal, lol. Anyway let’s wait for iA.

But it’s better if you play hard missions, you’ll earn more keys than any spaceship bonus.

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Hey not responding , medal for something

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You can’t just force iA


why are you forcing IA to get your medal

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if he doesn’t respond, your idea is not going to be accepted.
i see it as being unnecessary. why do you want to know what colors the ships are anyway