Early Access version 60

Well I don’t think.

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Can iron chef drop coin when destroyed?

please don’t


C’mon, it already drops food


By the way iA, do you still remember the “rainbow shininess” in CI5?
Why not add it as a CHL exclusive? Would be quite cool.

And on a side note: Can you add some explaining for what each of the “customizations” do for the Strobe Lights and Ghost Trail? Because I actually have no clue what the heck “phase” does :rofl:

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The machine get exploded that the chick in it doesn’t even survive.

These actually aren’t even the only mistakes:

Forgot the word “Bug”.

I actually noticed these little mistakes since it was at Known bugs & new features.

Iirc it was an unused shininess, some of them would fit for CHL players

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I mean drop food and coin together . OK?

That’s just excessive. It already drops 10 gifts and 50 food.


Yeah I know, @minasam123 finding the mistakes and then IA fix it.

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It was not unused, if you talk about CI5 one. Just a cool-looking glitch which somehow coloured shiny reflection.

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IA can you make “Egg cannon confrontation” and “The Egg cannon cannon cannon cannonade” drop coins when destroyed? As it drops only keys. So make it drop coins and keys both, IA.

And IA there is a problem it is not a bug. You said in version 59.3 that in “It’s Party time” and “Special Forces” added to it mirrored version but it is not mirrored.



It is. Play more missions and you’ll see.

Why no?

The egg cannon/cannonade already gives 200,000 - 600,000 score on death. Do you even need coins after that?

Other than waste the player’s time for collecting coins to end the mission faster during space race (or any mission really.)


It is not wasting time when you are using mouse

That is a very selfish answer. What about the people who can only use a keyboard, or are using Bombers?

Yes I did

For your information, there are:
• keyboard players
• bombers
• in future there will be mobile players