Early Access version 115

The room information show there was only 1/2 player in the room but it still say that this game is full. So the number of player still reload and update again establishing route right?


The multiplayer list doesn’t update live.
Therefore if someone joined you won’t be able to enter.


I see that guy I trying join in but i can’t join in. Something wrong host him or not or set network port-Restricted

So I have been thinking on this for a while, It might be wanted for some players:
Do you guys remember the fonts from each episodes? they used to have different shapes and way of appearance, I have thought of adding them into game and be buyable in the galactic store and take effect in missions. Right now there is 4 fonts I am thinking of, They are CI2,CI3,CI4,CI5. So:

Do you want those fonts to be added into game?
  • Yes. They are good.
  • No. CIU’s is best.

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I remember this being suggested before, not too long ago.

It’d be cool tbh


IA ,Can I listen to Chilli wings and The chicken has Landed musics?

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Just wait until v116 comes out! :wink:


Aside from that, I would also like to get the option to switch between the UIs from episodes too, not just the font.


That boss is already the special thing from a Retro mission, so i think it can’t change the music. We can call Retro music is “prerogative” for Retro

Your question isn’t clear at all

Thanks! Btw about this, in my setting language (Vietnam) there is a translation named “Nhạc Nền Tiến Sĩ Beaker”. Can you remove it? This translation is not true about the CIU boss music track

I kinda want the option to do that, although I know that the fight of bosses usually only fit to the boss music of its game.

Do you want iA to do the above?
  • Yes
  • No
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If it’s an option and not fixed to the game, I suggest an item called “Random boss music” that supersede all other boss music if it is put in one of the boss music slots, which does what iA stated above.

Do you want this item to be added to the game?
  • Yes
  • No
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Can Players who have lost all lives (Ghosts) have a transparent look to them? Like around 50 percent opacity



just the gray out

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Yes, the list doesn’t update in real-time. In fact, there’s even a chance that the game will become full after you click “join mission” (the longer you wait, the greater the chance).

No, I don’t involve myself with translations. Just correct it in your own copy and it will eventually become the preferred translation everyone sees.

I can’t do that, due to the way multiple textures are stacked on top of each other.

That’s much easier to implement, but even in this case, I can’t easily affect hardpoints. And if the spacecraft is gray to be begin with, there won’t be any difference. I don’t know… Let’s put it in there experimentally and see. Changed in v.116 :medal_sports: Idea


Useless idea I had: When you complete a system, it wold be so satisfying to have the game display a screen (while you are in the galaxy, immediately after closing the mission result screen) which shows a “System Clear!” message while one of the victory jingles plays.
This is what I mean:

(The black outline would be semitransparent and fading towards the inside, I just lack the skills to make that effect. Finally, X would be the system’s name)


The boss music seems to stop playing right when the boss is defeated (100% wave progress). However, if I join a game during wave transition or warp after the boss is killed, sometimes the boss music still play although there were no boss on screen. Known bug?

Can there be an option to disable in-game notifications?

You can disable notifications for galaxy and missions on the galaxy screen.

Unless if you meant disable notifications for “contact X is flying/has failed/surrendered/succeeded mission”, then yes, it would be better to have an option to turn those off.


Can the removed bottom danger zone in “Visitors from another dimenstion” be restored? I have seen few portals comes from bottom but at specifc spots

Edit: Regarding the music slots, I have an issue here.

I hear the CI3 Music 1 alot more than the other 2, is it a bug or the thing is randomized?
if it is randomzied I suggested they play in correct orders according to their arrangement.
(Ex: The CI4 music 2 plays in stage 1, The CI3 music 1 plays in stage 2, and the CI5 music 3 plays in the third stage and so on (according to my picture)).

I don’t see any necessity for safe zone in “Bullet Rain” wave, since the whole screen gets covered with bullets from Festers. So, could it get removed? I mean, “Chicken Highway” and “Ribbit!” waves are the waves that get covered with bullets, but these don’t have safe zone at the bottom.

Also, this may be not worth implementing, but could a chicken come out of the armored ship once it gets destroyed (that shoots 3 cyan bullets in the form of a triangle), just like how a chick comes out from gatling and laser gun, once the gatling and laser gun are destroyed?


Better show screenshots though. It’s not like they come directly from the bottom center.