Screen Effects, and Their Pain

I’ve been playing for around 20 - 30 hours now and some of the big major blunders I make are:

  • Picking up a bad weapon after a boss because of the explosion of said boss covering my vision.
  • Taking damage due to intense screen shake after killing an ‘Iron Chicken’. (One of the armoured normal enemies that take a few hits to destroy, you see them a lot on Superstar Hero and it’s quite annoying)
  • Taking damage in a fight with multiple bosses due to obscured vision from another boss explosion and/or screen shake. (Bosses such as the Show Em’ Who’s Boss X5 and Chicken Multiplicity.)

I’m aware that I can turn down graphics settings but I’d rather not do that if I can run the game at 120+ FPS on my laptop and I don’t need any more speed at sacrifice for graphics.

It would be nice to be able to turn these effects off, modify them so they obscure the items less, such as sending the explosive ‘spikes’ more upwards and away from the pick-up that’s dropped, or simply turn down the effects by reducing their opacity/effect on the screen.

Thank you!

  • Moth

[EDIT] I know this has been a feature since very early in CI history, however, times have changed, bosses and stages have gotten harder. I don’t feel like something that affects the player negatively should be given as a reward for beating a harder enemy or a boss. Some stages are even rendered almost impossible without some sort of Superweapon/outside help, which isn’t good game design in a skill-based arcade game.

Thank you for listening to my concerns!

  • Moth

People have been writing about this for a long time and still no response to fix it.

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I think that’s the reason why big chicken (bosses, not talking about chickenauts) explosions clears all the projectiles on screen, but yes it gets annoying on x6 show’em who’s the boss because it gets filled with eggs almost inmediatly. Perhaps smoke could be less opaque and disipate faster?

Changed in v.27

:warning: “Smaller explosions and screen shakes” makes explosions look worse and the overall effect of defeating a boss is not as satisfying. Please keep this option OFF when recording public videos – we want to impress new players, not drive them away :slight_smile:


At least its an option. IA is right guys :yum:

Aww man


This is fantastic, thank you IA. Keep up the good work!


So we back in the Tube
Swinging our upload bar from left to right, left, left to right

Can we have a similar disclaimer in game when turning on the option?

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I don’t think that’s the point, the videos are supposed to advertise the game, and therefore show off how satisfying it is to take down anything, you know, with the huge explosion. It’s not the same as saying something is early access, as taking away the explosions is removing a fundamental part of how the game feels for new players who aren’t used to such ‘fireworks’, the same new players that will be watching the videos in the first place.
If you’re a content creator, bite the bullet and go for the big bangs, they’ll look so much better to your viewers.


bigger explosions are more fun :slightly_smiling_face:

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  1. Place firepower Icons and weapon pick-ups OVER the explosions, or give them a see-through option.
  2. Enable/Disable screen shake

Both of those has been already put to the incoming 0.27 version.


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