Early Access version 120

It’s supposed to be like that, retro world is basically (no signal, lost) world. And I find this change sufficient to the thing. Leave it as it is.

Besides. Knowing what have you collected or progressed doesn’t really matter in this mission. As long are you used to the game or able to focus on the mission. (There is no food in it also)

Hmm, iA

  • How does UHF award you medals, keys & score if they don’t know where the hell you are.
  • Why are you able to tell the wave count and difficulty outside the mission, and before finishing the mission?

  • Why are you not able to count how many waves you got through

  • Why does the game tell you “Wave X of Y” if wave count isn’t visible.

  • Why armored chickens don’t drop food.

I think it already added. Because this is a first time Halloween edition was added to CIU (i guess), so… certainly will have.

Amen Bro.!!!

@InterAction_studios there’s a bug of absolver beam

I collected 10+9 fp when I collect gift absolver beam last fp 10+10 is no showing max power on HUD

I collected gift absolver beam (again) I have 10+11fp and it’s showing max power about absolver beam.

This is already fixed in the next version.

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@InterAction_studios, will something new be added to the Halloween content

Yes .


I didn’t see it my bad

I wonder if you can also fix the same for the purple slowdown zones, unless it’s fine having the spaceship slowing down (with the Invincibility Shield/Dimensional Phase-out active) in the purple zones.

Check this as well.

Do you mean this?

:arrow_right: image :arrow_left:

3000+ hours what the hell


No i just tried launching the game and it asked me to pick between two options.

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I see. I think the same thing happened to me once when trying to launch the game (one or two days ago), but I somehow skipped it without choosing one option or the other (I didn’t choose either, I just closed the thing, then I tried launching the game again. And it worked without asking me again about the two options). Now I’m wondering if that’s a threat to my progress, unless the two options come back soon and I can choose the Cloud one.

I’m scared about losing my progress.

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The progress is bound to the email i just linked my email back and everything was alright.

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Well, now I’m wondering something. Since I play the game on Steam (Cloud files sync as you saw above) and I have a ‘‘linked email’’ account (which is my main one), and I’m planning on switching from my current desk computer to a new (better) one, should I remove my email account from the game on my Steam account on my current desk computer, and then re-enter the email to restore my account in-game on Steam on my new future computer?

Sorry for complicating my question, but it has been invading my brain for a little while.

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I don’t think there’s a need for that, just link your email on the new computer.

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Okay. As for the valid types of emails, I know they accept ‘‘gmail’’, but do they also accept ‘‘outlook’’?

Given that even yandex mail worked, which sometimes is not accepted on websites for some reason, pretty sure it accepts almost anything.

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Okay, well, it’s just that I never recieved an email confirmation from linking my account to my outlook email. Same goes with gmail.