📱 Android (experimental preview)

Nope, it happens randomly

WHAT THE? (the game is paused)

Only triggers if you do the hide hud screenshot thing but, no button at all…

Fixed in v.125 :medal_sports: Bug


I don’t know. Maybe a driver glitch?


The buttons are too big for me, I accidentally use special weapons sometimes, can you shrink them?

You can already shrink the buttons yourself, but I’m not sure how that could help. What I’m sure about however is that you’re going to love this!

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This is me btw

Let’s say it is :person_shrugging:

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Don’t forget to say that I found the callsign, here’s the original pic:

It’s probably Pat or Orannus, they even tried to act like you.

bruh thats before orannus and pattary.

That picture was taken yesterday

i sure they aren’t.

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can you remove the control for the second finger, i use my finger to click but sometimes it makes my plane fly and hit the chicken

Why did you make the settings move control?! It’s so inconvenient, return the control settings as before, like to change the rocket buttons, you can switch to the left or right, but not the settings move control!

You can easily move it to the place it was before the update.

yea i have a same situation, pretty annoying ngl

Should “control for the 2nd finger” can be toggle on and of?

  • yes
  • no

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I think there should be a separate setting for the 2nd finger

Think the best idea here is to seperate the screen in two, one controls and the other fires (satellites or regular etc…)

Can you make CIU compatible with Samsung Game Launcher like you did with the older game?

Benefits including

And more but im to lazy to list it here

i think the main problem is that the game is an apk and not a google store app

it can still be compatible with Samsung Game Launcher even if its an apk