Early Access version 86

It’s look like I gonna check it out, FAST!!!

Pretty excited to see how does galatic cup looks like.

Come on it’s time for the real challenge!!!

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It’s sad that I’ve been waiting for almost a month for the V86 update,only the Galactic Cup is new

How many disconnections will result a disqualification?

iA, can you check this post when you have time:

If you’re talking about cup missions, it is currently 1 time but will be 2 times next update:


I have nothing to say other than “wow, the galactic cup is amazing”

A proper competitive mode? A proper competitive mode? Holy shit, this is big

Screenshot 2021-08-05 205119
Screenshot 2021-08-05 205216
Yep I can still see a green thing.


What just happened when I flew a dare?

Why my score is zero???

If you press “End session” Disconnect button more than once you’ll be disqualified and your score will be zero.

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What is that button?
Even I don’t know what is it!

Sorry, my bad, I meant this button:

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If so , I did not press that , Bug?

Second dare had no problem

Perhaps you are disconnected while playing more than one time.

Idk, it happened to me once b4, iA said it’s not a bug.

OH , I remember that now!
I saw that disconnecting alarm more than 2 times top of my monitor!
Maybe that’s why I disqualified
It is not a bug , it is mistake , It should be such that this only happens if the connection is completely lost.

And you’re disconnected and had to logging in again. Right?

No I did not disconnect.
I just saw that alarm bunch of times