CIU version 144



ETA Friday 12 April 2024 08:00-10:00 GMT

This will only be a server-side upgrade. You do not need to download a new version of the game.


This takes a some time to update the server.

I have bad pc but still sometimes i got 4000+ fps, and sometimes 10000 (not even joking)
:skull: :skull:

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Well my pc have normal specs 4gb ram and a core i3 not bad but sometimes slow

off-topic bro.

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Medal farmer has returned

Not much as you’re thinking :eyes:

A rather simple poll from me this time. Before, I suggested most Droid Waves should be sped up relative to the mission difficulty (and for the sake of brevity) and it went through. Now, a couple of waves come to mind: Binary Stream/Scream, Tower of Power and Symphony No.1. Vote below on whether these waves should be sped up relative to the mission difficulty.

Should all the Waves listed above be sped up?
  • Yes
  • Only for Binary Stream/Scream
  • Only for Tower of Power
  • Only for Symphony No. 1
  • No
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If Tower of Power is sped up in harder mission, that option can be disregarded.

Moron went from 0 to 2 Firepowers after a death, huh


can you put white letters instead of gray, looks cleaner

the minimum firepower limit for boss rushes and double teams is 2

if you somehow die below that, you’ll respawn with 2


I have a new idea for a wave called Laser Field, basically how it works is the screen would zoom out to the amount it does during Ultimate Extreme Square Dancing and put a mission zone in the middle of the screen and all around the screen Laser Gatling Chicks would come in (However, how many there are would depend on the difficulty, although the lowest difficulty the wave could appear would be 70% difficulty) Anyways there would be open spaces around the screen and the ship would be constantly spinning, you would fly around through the open spaces and take down all of the Laser Chicks, you would only be shooting them until you cleared the Laser Field.

  • Great
  • Good
  • Neutral
  • Bad
  • Chicken Butt
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Boss “Hend game” : During Henterprise Destruction animation, time wouldn’t stop until Henterprise fully blasted. Maybe bug.

This is expected. The mission timer will only stop once the battlefield is fully clear of all enemies, including Hend Game.

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didn’t you already make a topic about this?


I don’t think it’s not bug but I wonder what he flying in league or hybrid?

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I did but it will get more attention if I put it in here

that wouldn’t necessarily mean that more people will see it