Early Access version 55.3

what if he wanted to capture a map without dots

Ok? ( )

pls stop adding too much “?”

do this
Ok? []()

the “[]()” is invisible dont worry


Hey iA, how about adding “mark your destination” feature for people who have no fuel or will come there later? ifalreadysuggestedpleaselink

Added in v.56 :medal_sports: Idea

I don’t see why.

That’s… no.

It does. But :man_shrugging:

“Adding checkboxes willy-nilly…” etc., etc.

Don’t link to Chatting Place. I don’t look at it.


This is a clipping issue and has already been fixed for v.56:

What do you mean? As I’ve said, the orbiting asteroids need to be a different color than the ‘showering’ ones, so there’s not much choice here.

They are. Although it would actually be easier if they weren’t, because you’d be shooting at the rear end of a block instead of facing it head-on.


They’re dangerous than Cowards, if you don’t have Plasma then your forced to let it go or get destroyed since you can’t move much there.

I meant it could be an exploit on getting/farming that medal, so I don’t know if you could not make it count or not.

OK, here’s another one (not in Chatting Place).

Also could you add a mirrored version of “Shape Shifters/Whip into Shape” too? (don’tgive me another medal if accepted just add it next to “Shear stress”)

What about this?

Plasma rifle is wack, just look at this:

That chicken should have died, but I shoot 3 times and he is still alive


Letting some enemies pass by because you don’t have enough firepower to kill them is ok (even expected, especially on harder difficulties).

That would be very complex to fix, and not worth it. It’s a very minor exploit and indestructible barriers aren’t that common anyway.

Mirroring wouldn’t really change anything with regards to how the wave is played.

I don’t control the internet. Sometimes you’ll be disqualified. There’s tolerance built-in anyway, you don’t get disqualified with the first disconnection.

That doesn’t really fit in with the 0%-100% diffculty + predetermined skills mechanic.

Could be a desync issue, but without video it’s hard to tell. I’ll do some testing.


Especially asteroids, plasma is just a weakling against it, since it’s slow respond time, like the asteroids are moving fast, it took like 2 hits just to render
https://youtu.be/eYdnyskN31U Here is the vid: start at 1:38 to see this
Plasma is being wack this whole entire time

Given plasma’s other benefits, a “slow response time” is an acceptable trade-off


It has nothing to do with firepower amount, it’s the same if it’s lvl 0 or max lvl, Plasma (and sometimes Positron) can destroy Cowards & Slobs without allowing them to throw wastes, so if you have a weapon like Riddler it will throw wastes a lot of time and you can’t move at “Corridor Shooter” so it’s kinda unfair that you can’t get “Clean Sweep” at this wave and have to let them go just because you don’t have Plasma.

It would change the direction of the enemies & barriers.

Ok, I stepped through frame-by-frame. It’s not a desync issue. The chicken is just outside your Plasma’s locking cone. It looks like it’s inside because the beam undulates (this is only a visual effect, it doesn’t actually affect collision).

ok, inter, it always been like this

Chickens has all of the colors but it doesn’t have any black or white colors.
so can we have chickens with white gray brown and black shirts ?

How about mirrored versions of:

  • Slice of Chicken Pie.
  • On the Radar.
  • Berserkers.
  • Surfing the wave.
  • Nickties are cool.
  • Bad Sector.
  • Taking turns/Wait your turn.
  • To Infinity and Beyond.

Also are you planning to add popcorn waves from CI5 & enemies from CI3 like egg drone/eggship?


Oh it will be so great

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Are you using CIU ambient/intense theme as your in-mission music? That is, have you mounted it in the “wave music” or “boss music” slot in the Mission Config screen?

I don’t think that every one of those waves, if ever adjusted to have a mirrored version deserves an individual medal each. Just only one would be enough. It’s very similar to the spelling bug hunting spree, imo.

Given on this post.

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