Early Access version 74.2


Steam next version?

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does not mean the laser will do much if it’s just gonna fire straight down for 3 seconds

just makes superchick vulnerable

leave the laser and then move around, the laser still kill (laser turret deploying attack)

no logic

He deploys a sentry which it shoots the laser and then self destruct later. On the mean time, he can go around perform other attacks (and deploy more turrets)

still makes no sense

Touhou 11 Marisa Alice special

then that’s just artificial

Changed in v.75 :medal_sports: Idea


iA, can incoming dare show expire time


Good idea, but would that mean that the translarions for incoming dares would have to be reset?

Why isn’t it listed at Known bugs & new features

2sN should get a bug medal too.

While we’re at it, how about making those red projectiles that the superchick fires somewhat bigger as well, similar in size to the double team superchicken’s red projectiles in proportion to the screen zoom, the current projectiles offer way too much room for us to move around, making those projectiles bigger would help somewhat.

Just make superchick fire more bullets instead. Bigger bullets mean trouble for Bombers. Especially on Double Team.

However, if bigger bullets are going to be a thing, might as well add them to Party Chicken and Infinichick too.


You mean the Inbox message? No, it can’t. It’s just dry text. It could show an absolute expiration time, but that would depend on the local timezone (which the server doesn’t know about).

Yes it would, but it’s not a consideration. The game is already limited by a hundred different factors, let’s not add text to that. If any text changes, then the translation is reset and you have to re-do it.



F in the chat for bombers at high difficulties

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unless you use jets~

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iA why King of Crabs throws only chickens at phase 1 while at phase 2 & 3 it throws chickens & chicks?


Why don’t you apply Henterprise’s laser change to all difficulties? Make it decreates with increasing difficulty like this Superchick’s beam change:

How about UCO 3 use its laser arm twice instead of once from 100% difficulty? When it shot with its purple neutrons 4 times make it shot with its laser 2 times(I don’t want this change to all difficulties, only when it starts to use its purple bullets 4 times, and shorten the laser’s time to half if accepted, so it wouldn’t take too long with the laser).

At The Alien Mother-Ship some gifts drop with the same speed as its falling peices which means if you don’t have Appetite Attractors you can get them, so can you make gifts & atoms fall slower(or faster) during its battle?

Added to v.82 :medal_sports: Idea