📱 Android (experimental preview)

Your finger isn’t transparent anyway.


Did you check your option in high contact test?

Added to v.125 :medal_sports: Idea

That’s not possible, because it would change the wave layouts and hence make them easier/harder.

I’m only drawing outlines now (see Early Access version 124 - #72 by InterAction_studios )


@OrvilleTheOrca This was indeed a bug – it has been fixed in v.125.


for the “extra finger” option of “Satellites firing method”, the first finger does not move the ship when the second finger is released. Is this a bug?

Can i have medaol please


I can’t replicate this. What is your exact touchscreen configuration? (follow method, firing mode, satellite firing mode)?


this one

I need your choices for all 3 settings: follow method, firing mode, satellite firing mode

Send me a screenshot of Options → Controls → Touchscreen


Follow method: Drag
Firing mode: Automatic
Satellite firing mode: Extra Finger

Works for me :roll_eyes:

Does this happen to anyone else?


Nothing any error,why?

idk but I encountered just this morning
Update: Take a look at this :confused:

I feel, I’ve experienced that before, but when i tried it again nothing happened

Idk why my friend’s spacecraft become black (my friends sit next to me and in her phone it’s normal)
Not sure why but me and my friends are using mobile (i’m host)

did you set “Darken Other Players” to the max value?

oh i accidented do that, oops

what about making it larger any way but limit the “play area” of the waves to 16:9, make the outside of the play area a png of space and not show any wave-related stuff, and put the UI at the 4 corners of the screen

i can see many ways this can be possible, but i don’t code in c++ nor i do use the ciu game engine

My personal favorite teaser image.
iA on wave 12 with 35 score AND 10 firepower.
The maximum you can get is 8, you need to pick at least 1 firepower (charity, with the maximum of 9) which gives score.
You also need to be lucky enough to pass 11 waves that don’t require killing enemies.
Finally, the keys that take long to despawn, that even the boss appeared and spawned its shield, yet the keys are still there.