Early Access version 120

Suggested twice before and denied.


send source or “did I ask”

I did ask.


To IA Studios.

I made a topic where I collected info about using manually selected waves to make CIU episode DLCs which could also work offline. This could meet point 1 and 4 of your reply on “offline mode” topic
Here are poll results, I know 7 days is early, but it kinda died out. 29 is not so much on such a matter, but it was fluctuating near 90% anyway.
Chicken Invaders Universe episodes DLCs framework


There you are for who asked.


There’s more. How about change the Henperor into the dark skeleton?
Something like this:

I don’t understand what is the point of hiding information about waves and time (waves are already visible after each one). Therefore, I propose to hide the score, heating, acceleration, lives, power and number of special weapons. This will make the mission a bit more difficult. Food and keys do not have to be hidden.


The hero can still remember the amount of stuff they have though.

But the idea is good

It’s supposed to be like that, retro world is basically (no signal, lost) world. And I find this change sufficient to the thing. Leave it as it is.

Besides. Knowing what have you collected or progressed doesn’t really matter in this mission. As long are you used to the game or able to focus on the mission. (There is no food in it also)

Hmm, iA

  • How does UHF award you medals, keys & score if they don’t know where the hell you are.
  • Why are you able to tell the wave count and difficulty outside the mission, and before finishing the mission?

  • Why are you not able to count how many waves you got through

  • Why does the game tell you “Wave X of Y” if wave count isn’t visible.

  • Why armored chickens don’t drop food.

I think it already added. Because this is a first time Halloween edition was added to CIU (i guess), so… certainly will have.

Amen Bro.!!!

@InterAction_studios there’s a bug of absolver beam

I collected 10+9 fp when I collect gift absolver beam last fp 10+10 is no showing max power on HUD

I collected gift absolver beam (again) I have 10+11fp and it’s showing max power about absolver beam.

This is already fixed in the next version.

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@InterAction_studios, will something new be added to the Halloween content

Yes .


I didn’t see it my bad

I wonder if you can also fix the same for the purple slowdown zones, unless it’s fine having the spaceship slowing down (with the Invincibility Shield/Dimensional Phase-out active) in the purple zones.

Check this as well.

Do you mean this?

:arrow_right: image :arrow_left:

3000+ hours what the hell