CIU version 136

Generally, no. But if I’m trying to debug a particular issue, the beta might have some special behaviour related to that.

Yes. That’s an antenna that’s sticking downwards, but the perspective only makes the beacon at its end visible


I just notice that Auto-aim weapons have a sound bug with Damage Amps
When you shoot and use Damage Amps, the sound willl not change until you stop firing your weapons or hit the target, same when Damage Amps is out of duration, the Damage Amps sound will play until stop firing or hit the target
Note: Focus on the Lightning sound

It’s because of this

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I just noticed the military chicken never has coin icon in its body but it still can drop coins after got killed…
Is that a bug?

IA said its intended that the pilot chicken don’t have a coin icon for some reason

when i uncheck “smooth galaxy zoom”
traveling to other star system,i click overview the camera going still smooth

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Yes. That’s an unfortunate technical limitation.

Acknowledged. Not easily fixable, so added to known bugs.


Umm, what’s that limitation? If it works for chickens why can’t it work for anything else?

So far, Stardrone and me has given a changed of How Weapon Virtuosity works:

  • Briefly said : It just depends on the time usage of all weapons and how you balanced it.
    But, since right now, the fact that each wave, the weapons (gifts) dropped seems diffrerent, it actually based on the firing order, it can be different, and gifts may dropped different too.
    That’s why, people can easily get into RNG or not, with high virtuosity, or even low virtuosity.
    In Competitive Missions, i found that some people rely on this and try to gain advantages among other players, you could just go afk for some low usage weapons, which caused unbalanced to the Competitive Missions, espicially the Galactic Cup, while everything unexpected can happen
  • Example : You managed to play good in your KO match, but you still lose, and that’s why Virtuosity do, it actually giving other players advantages to win other rivals.
    So, overall, I am thinking about Banned / Disabled the Weapon Virtuosity with the Competitive Missions ( Including Space Race - i mean it’s about timing but still comps, Weekly Challenge, Ironman Competition, Budget Constraint, Pot Luck - well no need, because you only have one weapon and it never dropped you other one ._. , Today’s Scramble, Weapons Training and Galactic Cup, also League too, and Invasion Anniversary?)
    with this, the game may seems balanced now.

Probably Pot Luck right now is the fair play and balanced Competitive mission

but i need a poll, so:
Do you agree that Weapon Virtuosity should be banned from Competitive Missions?

  • Yes, remove it.
  • No, just leave it alone.

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good old times

Each chicken has a maximum of two decorative overlays. One is always used for clothing, and the second one is used for the coin, except in the case of Military chicken where it’s already used for the harness. If you look at the textures then this will become clearer.

In competitive missions the gift drops should be exactly the same. Are they not?

You mean the order in which enemies are killed? Granted, but they’re still the same drops, though.


But why? Why did you set this limitation?

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No, there’s a video proof for that:

In this Weekly challenge wave 3. Normally you only get 1 gift (beam), but there’s a small change you get more another random gift (Lighting, Riddler,…).

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I don’t think the limitation was set by iA. It can happen

why its said “next round”
im already win the galatic cup. it has to be “reward for the winner”


:man_shrugging: Fine, it’s now an unlimited number of decorations.

Fixed in v.137 :medal_sports: Bug

This is expected. Enemies that dynamically spawn when their ‘parent’ is destroyed (such as saucer chicks, in this case) mess with the randomizer order.

Hmm, yes. Fixed in v.137 :medal_sports: Bug


I don’t have VR

preparing for UCO5 when…

also the music : 【Ofiicial】PVZ2 x Subway Surfers (Original Soundtrack) - YouTube

Not now yet