Early Access version 104

Empty squadron should be able to be sold



@InterAction_studios why is these two different?


In that case, I would suggest that the remaining equipment from a Save/Load slot, even when missing a certain layout of equipment, can be loaded. Before the loading, the game, in my opinion, should ask you something like this: Would you like to purchase the missing equipment for x keys? (from the Galactic Store) And if you choose No or you don’t have enough keys, it will still let you load the remaining equipment.

Speaking of that, I’d also suggest a change for the Egg Cannon Cannon Cannon Cannonade boss. I made a test and apparently it’s possible to stay in the corners just between the projectiles and the top/bottom of the Egg Cannon during its second phase, without dying. Even with a BX-9! Here’s a screenshot:

Can you add projectiles at the top (where my spacecraft is) and the bottom, @InterAction_studios ?

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Yea around that for every piece you manage to collect, It wouldn’t affect the score much that way

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I’ve just tested the following issue, and confirmed that this is no longer the case. Could you remove it from the known bugs list?

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Because they are two different fuels

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I have screen touch control but the HUD is not working left or right icon click fire

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And iA. It was a long time to say this but you once said about my idea “Not now”. So when ?

well, in the future, obvsly

“In the future” is just a vague promise you know :slight_smile:
And i must say: League problem is one of the biggest one and exist for the longest time without a fully solution. So i don’t think i should abandon that

what is the problem currently, besides that players can get out if they wanted to

Nah, getting out is not the way League show all its potential. Although i appreciated that, i shouldn’t just stay the same

I think add “Do the Chicken Huddle!”, “Chicken Harmonics”, “Chicken Carousel” to CIU from CI3

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there some wave similar like that

what’s the problem then? i havent got a answer

I have listed many problems in the past so MANY times that i got bored now. Feel free to find it yourself in my posts in the past.

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Be patient, everything takes time. A new spacecraft was added long after its suggestion topic got closed, so when iA has time he will definitely check it again.

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along with that, the cheese corner still exists