Early Access version 73

Because daily missions have default a skill level that can’t be changed

The rookie skill? Because you said default. And if it is the rookie skill it should not award points.

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Daily Missions have their own skills and you’ll receive skill premium score anyway.
Easy = Rookie
Medium = Veteran (%+20)
Hard = SSH (%+40)


Can you make this smoother? (if necessary)

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Just noticed something, in the Heroware help section one explanation repeates itself and thus the highlighted info is in the wrong place and the text about filtering categories doesn’t even appear:

And no, it isn’t the translation’s fault - I checked English version too.

Does this mean that an emergency patch is coming?

:warning: Taking the server down for 60 seconds to apply an emergency fix.

There’s a very serious problem with the game right now, and it’s causing all sorts of weird behaviour (especially with translations). I still haven’t pinpointed its exact cause, but everything is on hold until I do.


Can this be changed from Comment to Note? Cause comments of others are not showing and it’s just a note for players. (No medal needed)

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Double Team rushes

That sounds about right. Darkness weight is 0.15, squawk 0.20

No it doesn’t. It’s still 99 in your video. It’s just that it’s centered in the first screen (between 50-150), and at the bottom when you go to the beginning of the list (1-100)

Correct. Let me know if it happens with a proper dare, though.

I can’t do that using color modulation, plus this is not the time to fix details.

Too much special-casing.

There’s a 3rd ring which you have already destroyed in your picture. Anyway, I’m not making any changes now, but I’ve made a note.

I didn’t see any problems server-side. Could be a temporary network issue. Are you still getting unreliable connections?

Colors have changed to accommodate new mission type

Sadly, yes. Missions will be cleared and brand-new ones will replace them.

I’m saying that it’s not fixed.


I’m not making any changes now. Will fix later.

Neither of those fit. I’ve explained elsewhere why not.

It’s on the list to be fixed, however I’m not making any changes to the game now.

Noted. Will fix.

The limit is 48

There’s no requirement that string lengths should be exact powers of two.

Known, but not as easy to fix as you might think.

Thanks, will fix.

Detail. You can translate it as “Note” if you wish.


Will those missions be challenges or we will be able to find them by exploring?

It fixed itself later but I wasn’t the only one who had troubles with it.

are they in planets?

We will be able to find them in planets

what is ingame callsign francis

It’s your nickname

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oh ok

but iam thinking i need to download the new update

If you don’t download the latest update you can’t play the game

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interaction my ingame callsign is montygamer3000

when i am flying a squawk block mission, if i press ctrl+t the mouse will just move left and right.