📱 Android (experimental preview)

even though i don’t ia can add chat in a mission, having a button to chat that can be optionally enabled would be nice


I hope so

The biggest issue I encountered is when swiping to move around my ship; the phone thinks I’m swiping for my gestures, so the game pauses, might need to add a feature to block gestures unless swiping multiple times

Change your navigating system method, some android (like Huawei) support that

If you can then turn that off or turn on “Gaming Mode” if your phone supports it

If you have a navigation system like this:

Of course, and so that reason IA is changed in


Not sure if reported before or it’s a mobile only thing but here we go.

So if you disconnect while traveling to another planet/star system/etc… and reconnect (assumingly after you reached your Destination?) you still hear the music used during the travel.

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@InterAction_studios Can you check this?


Well text box will be at the top screen like how iA did to in the new update

read again

This is awesome

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An useful thing i did in my life

Soooo, I used the sound menu in v122, worst idea of my day: Bug report for v122. - YouTube

i am already found this bug before you.

I think this is a bug on Android. The option to buy the CHL is available, when it should be grayed out, as I already have it.

Edit: Tapping on it will give a banner saying that I already own it. But, it should be grayed out.

Bug in Android version
Back bottun doesn’t work to get out of game

Read the change log Impossible challenge (99,9% can’t pass!). You’re either the 4th or the 5th person mentioning this.


Unfortunately, I still couldn’t enter the game in my device. It was successfully installed this time, but when I open the game, it just shows a black screen and nothing happens.

My device: Samsung Galaxy J5 (2016)

I tried it out on my galaxy S7 and it actually works greatly.
Only complaint that I have is the UI is too small and that’s pretty much it.