CIU version 146 BETA

Well, my friend @thatchickeneater and i were discussing about this and i suggested this to him:-

A mini fanta bottle lmao, of course the trademark can be like “Hen-COLA” or something similar. (This is for all type small eggs)

it could be a star (starfish), seashell or durian (not the pvz2 plant)


This. This’ll be a perfect replacement for eggshells.


In CI3U, in the cutscene where the hero warps to the other side of the galaxy, the color of the text that says “100,000 light years” is set to yellow, which used to be consistent with other highlighted text until v140.2 introduced this change:

The text I mentioned before is still colored yellow, which is no longer consistent with other such text.


Somehow Volley Balls still have trails in “Asteroid Vortex” Wave

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This was supposed to be removed in v146.2

Also my another idea here, can you make this boss’ helmet something Summer related?

I think either a hat, or a small umbrella might be suitable

Looks very non-physical :thinking:

Those are different kinds of asteroids made specifically for this wave, that’s why the smoke is still present in the summer edition.

Here’s also a reminder about an oddity I noticed, and some evidence in case you haven’t seen it for yourself:

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can it be changed into water splash?
i mean change the color of the smoke into blue or cyan to make it more like water

wait it didn’t get redesigned?

Never has been.

Memes aside, it only got some tweaks so that the hotter it is the more clothes it has on, and it gives off sweat when it gets damaged.

Assuming this is the only change you’re proposing to the asteroids’ smoke particle, it would still look like smoke regardless.


well 3 days for now in this poll?

Blue/Orange mostly like others poll.

what if you think @InterAction_studios should be change it now superchick laserbeam.



Not again…

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Well, that text is not supposed to be highlighted, it’s just supposed to be yellow.

But for consistency’s sake… fixed in v.146.5 :medal_sports: Bug

Fixed in v.146.5 :medal_sports: Bug

Ah, right. I get it now. Fixed in v.146.5 :medal_sports: Bug


Continuing the discussion from CIU version 138 BETA:

I didn’t expect that all seasonal content were CI5 popcorn bullets when using the Corn Shotgun to overheat in CIU v146.4. I remember also reporting on the Corn Shotgun’s popcorn bullet in the Halloween and Christmas editions.

Would you please stop discussing UCO5, you know that IA ended up denying that idea and no one else asks

it hasn’t released yet so still waiting for confirmation