Early Access version 74.2

:clap: Perfect :clap: frame :clap: pause


iA, I know this is stupid but can you add post-processing stuff?

Changed in v.75 :medal_sports: Idea

Not really. The engine doesn’t support render-to-texture, which is a prerequisite for post-processing.


Apologies for bringing up this dead post, but now that there are enough votes (I think) maybe it’s the appropriate time to bring this back up again.

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Honestly, half of all the genuinely good ideas have been met with “engine limitations”. How limited is the engine?


iA is the maximum number of environments 3 at competitive missions(except space race)?

Thanks, you should take a look at this too.

Another thing that confuses me, Boron Railgun overheats from red to white, shouldn’t it be opposite?

Could Egg Cannon fire 2 orange bullets together instead of 1 from 100% difficulty?(This is Francis’ suggestion I shared above, I’m just making it more obvious).

When you explore 1 Wormhole then click “Travel through wormhole” button this will appear:

Could you add a “Back” button at the top-left? I know you can click anywhere to exit but to be more easier and fitting.

Now I’m kinda confused. I have v74.2 as showed in the screenshot above but still there are no massive environments at retro missions. Should I download the update again or just wait for v75?

You mean from red to yellow. But IA I think it should only shoot and overheat with the yellow color and without changing color as in CI4.



wbpbp when

Can the Egg Cannon’s phase 5 orange lasers be affected by projectile speed buffs from skill levels?


same thing for cheetos

Yeah i’m talking about the cheetos

in that case, the orange electro-beams too should be affected by the speed buffs

but how would that work

they move faster on the Cannonade and they vanish faster on the confrontation

Also, perhaps the giant egg should be fired with less delay? The charge up takes too long.

Yea, and the electrical circles launched by the cannonade too


For Hend Game: The starting giant laser never ever kills you. There needs to be a change done to make it more dangerous. Perhaps make it fire it’s giant laser whenever you get too close to the dish?

Oh, and make it not last so long. You get to whale on the Henterprise so much because the laser takes like 5 seconds to go away.

Maybe make it fire the 8 purple taper beams straight as well (only in the first shot)

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But that’s for Henterprise Hencounter