Early Access version 50

I had anoter Indestructible Barrier idea for wave. (Probably we wont have it bc we are getting kinda alot rn) (And bc the player should go for the barriers first if he want…)

Add indestructible barriers for the ‘‘Egg Billiard’’ wave… That’s all… bye.

No need for this wave, either. we only make barriers that have 10x health indestructible.

The actual difference can be shown on the 120th Anniversary scoreboard (50M+ vs 30M+), although it’s not much of a difference when it comes to weekly challenges: 130M+ compared to the average of the previous versions of 100M+ to 110M+. v50 changes would be not bad though although it will take a 100+ kill streak to bypass pecking order score.

Comparing between the versions:

Pre v50
10 kills = 2,500
50 kills = 12,500
100 kills = 25,000
200 kills = 50,000
400 kills = 100,000

10 kills = 3,625
50 kills = 43,125
100 kills = 148,750
200 kills = 547,500
400 kills = 2,095,000

v51 changes
10 kills = 2,500
50 kills = 15,000
100 kills = 36,250
200 kills = 97,500
400 kills = 295,000

If d=10 instead of 25
10 kills = 2,950
50 kills = 24,750
100 kills = 74,500
200 kills = 249,000
400 kills = 898,000

See the 120th anniversary scoreboard instead.


Changed in v.51 :medal_sports: Idea


The impact flare of corn shotgun should be white when it’s hitting a boss or a enemy, rather staying the same.

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The person that suggested this is: @OneWingLunarian

Fixed in v.51 :medal_sports: Bug


Some suggestion for the HUD Damage Indicator. If an enemy’s remaining health is lower than the projectile damage, that enemy health value will be shown instead.

Example: Assuming a coward chicken has a health value of 500, damage indicator would be -130, -130, -130, -110 (=-500) instead of -130, -130, -130, -130 (=-520). It also helps to indicate the actual health of a specific enemy without using external programs. You can’t deplete more than the enemy have. Also, negative health wouldn’t make sense either.


cheat engine would like to say thank you

Edited it:

I’m quite baffled because many other games do the same ignoring the actual health an enemy have.

For example on Undetale, on genocide run you deal 99999… damage on Sans to give the player the impression that they’re gone too powerful ignoring that he has only 1 HP (requiring datamining to figure it out.) The right thing is actually 1 damage cause he literally only has 1 damage point to take before getting killed.


@InterAction_studios, Although the Hypergun does more damage, it’s still too weak in my opinion. Since the main issue is that it shoots slowly and overheats too fast, how about making it faster and increasing the overheat time?

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Here’s an idea: Hypergun does more damage at close range, and gets weaker as it travels?

Like, 4x damage at point blank, as low as 1x at max range


Also iA, during the last phase of the Yolk Star battle, if the battle is upside down or normal, the yolk’s sprite is the same. How about rotating it by 180 degrees in the upside down battle?

That’s how it originally was, a very long time ago. However, the primary purpose of the damage indicator is to see how powerful/effective your shots are, and it was very confusing to see the same shot deal different amounts of damage each time.

That will be difficult to convey across to the player. Don’t forget that not many people have damage indicator on.

That’s intended. Regardless of fight orientation, the light is always supposed to hit it from above.


Every time I shoot a fully charged beam, its disappearing flash light does not match the spaceship as I move fast. I think it must disappear gradually before the spacecraft’s firing position even when I move

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If it’s the last hit, yes especially with one-shot weapons.

Also, when I press ESC while on screenshot mode, the pause menu immediately appears (like one or two frames) then the game continues as usual. Shouldn’t it like the pause menu stays the same as when pressing other buttons like Spacebar? or needing to press it twice to continue (pressing ESC once show the Pause Menu then pressing it again continues the game).

iA, how about renaming “Rematch!” to “Rehatch”?

kill me


and “Plasma Rifle” to “Plasma Ray”

It was just a joke suggestion

3 words: Laser Cannon doesn’t