Mysterious Boss danger zone warning

If you go to the Known bugs & new features page right now, under “upcoming fixes & new features”, next to the third point down, you will find theſe words: “Mysterious Boss now has danger zone warning.” Now, I would juſt like regiſter a complaint about this.

Firſt of all, there is ſomething in video game deſign that is very important, ſo much ſo that it even has a ſpace in the term “video game”. The former word, video, derives pretty much directly from the tranſitive Latin verb video (in its full form vĭdĕo, vĭdes, vidi, visum, vĭdēre), which means to ſee (alſo in an intranſitive ſenſe meaning to have the ſenſe of ſight) and to look at, but alſo to decide, intereſtingly enough, and to notice. Now it may be apparent from the laſt few lines that not only muſt video games have ſome level of graphics, but the graphics are important and noticed by the player. Hence, æſthetics.

Now, I’m no artiſt (but then again I figure that in all probability neither are the majority of players), but it ſeems to me that a ſingle giant, immaculate, corrugated ſtainleſs ſteel egg with the periödical ſtriking green laſer burſting out from four equidiſtant points is one heck of a lot prettiër then the ſame image vandaliſed with dotted warning lines.

Another important conſideration is the fact that this is not the firſt game in which this particular boſs appears. Thoſe who played Chicken Invaders 3: Revenge of the Yolk will remember with fondneſs that ſpinning metallic egg, and will remember how you always had to time it juſt right ſo as to maximiſe damage and minimiſe deaths to the laſers buſting forth at a frequency that juſt happened to coïncide with the tempo of the muſic. Never undereſtimate the importance of noſtalgia.

Now at this point I’m ſure that @anon27929001, among others, is thinking that this is all very well and fine, but it’s not important enough to warrant making the level harder. I have two anſwers to that. The firſt is that it’s not making it harder, but rather maintaining its old difficulty. The ſecond thing is that it really wouldn’t help anyöne familiär with the boſs, as thoſe people will have learnt to let it ſhoot a few times to get the tempo, then go for it diving out of the way before the laſers fire. Therefore it’d be there for the ſake of newcomers. But here’s the thing: when you try out a new video game for the firſt time, do you really expect to win no problem? I know I don’t, and if I do win it means that the game is diſappointingly eaſy. This is one of thoſe things that people learn.

And a bonus point for @anon27929001 (this double mention may ſeem pointed, but that’s largely becauſe it is; I have a ſneaky ſuſpicion that you’re goïng to diſagree rather energetically): You know how you don’t like RNG? This is pure skill and timing.

I would like to propoſe a counter-propoſal: make the boſs only appear on mediüm to hard miſſions. Warning lines would juſt render the boſs eaſiër even than the CI4 Super-Chick.

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Yeah,forcing the player to die just because they did not know about the laser is very skill-based,I have to say,and making the boss appear only in hard enough missions doesn’t change that. Removing that danger zone would simply make you die for the first time and never again. Not sure why you insist on forcing newcomers to die just because they saw the boss for the first time. That has nothing to do with skill,but rather with the fact that a newcomer simply couldn’t have known.


it’s not even added yet so there’s no point complaining about thing that isn’t existed. Save your word until Update 10

I could suggest a new option to remedy that:
Graphics > [ ] Show Danger Zone/Safe Zone


You only make them die once, which for a newcomer ſhouldn’t be that unuſuäl an event.

That’s preciſely why I don’t think the danger zone is warranted.

Yeah,but it makes no sense. It still wasn’t about the lack of skill,but only because the newcomer has no way of knowing about the laser.
Fractorial is right. There should be an option for turning danger zones on and off,so that people like you can turn it off if they want.

There was danger zone and there will be danger zone, you can’t do anything to this. It should be in the game, because newcomers don’t want to be killed by “eggi boi”

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I feel its fine as it is, you have to learn the pattern of every boss dont you? Technically you can easily die to the general boss because you didnt know he would throw knives. You can then avoid them. I mean hell, you won’t know eggs kill you until you die from one. Its just uneccesary.

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May I have translation please? I dont get what traveller wants to mean.

That’s not the same thing. Knives can still be avoided if you notice them in time. Instant lasers are something completely different because,well,they are instant. They don’t take time to travel,they just cover an area instantly.

I have to say this. Something like lasers from the new bosses need lines because their appearances are random. It doesnt because you can predict it. If you feel like you shouldnt die that one time… maybe make the lines appear only once or until the player defeats it for the first time.

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Yeah,I think I suggested that in some other thread,too. Have the danger zone/lines appear for the first time you battle that specific boss,and after that,it won’t appear during that boss fight again. Of course,random lasers like those of the Ice Cubed boss need indicators,otherwise that would require pure luck.

What about not showing safe/danger zones on any skill above Rookie?

(I’m strictly talking about zones here, not the instant-hit beam warnings)


There would still be never waves to be introduced which will need danger/safe zones on the first encounter.

What about making zones (only for bosses) an option in the menu ? So we can switch on/off.

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What anotheruser12 said. There could be an option to disable it,and perhaps another one for disabling instant laser indicators,too,for people who want it(with the exception of randomized lasers,of course. Those being the purple lasers during the final henterprise battle,and every rotating laser in the game). You could put these 2 options in gameplay settings.
How does that sound? @InterAction_studios


Adding arbitrary options represents a design failure in my opinion. 98% of players won’t even go in the options to change their controls, let alone tweak these gameplay settings.

Nevertheless, there is already a gameplay option called “In-game help” that could arguably also control the appearance of zones :thinking:


How about some messages from the ship after finishing the level (“Use arrow keys or mouse to move around”)? Like “Do you know you can disable “Danger zones” in game options?”

But then like… those who turn it off are at a disadvantage than those who don’t turn it off. It’s not a matter of preference but gameplay. Thus I think not having the lines on higher difficulties is a good idea. Also lines appear when no difficulty is selected.

I aſſume you’re talking about Rookie-Veteran-SSH difficulty? The default is Rookie.