Early Access version 49

Rather than having a chance factor, it ſhould ſimply be determined by the difficulty of the wave beïng below a certain threſhold.

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That works, too

Having three lasered mysterious ship will shoot in a Y shape?

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Yeah, but that idea was scrapped

it still have chance to win if you use 3 invulnerability extension
it will help you with plasma

What does this mean? (This is from Known bugs & new features).

Instead of a chance, how about just make it so that each attack is telegraphed at low difficulty?

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Game engine changes ?
Maybe it’s related to fps because old versions of CIU could go over 60 fps if I increase the limit in options
In current versions it just doesn’t go above 60 even if I increase the limit

That’s a good idea

You have to stated that of course, even after you liked her post. No wonder that when I came back, the topic had over 100 unreaded posts. Also why did everybody suggest buffing already buffed bosses for good? The metal egg is perfect right now, I know that this stir in your health :slight_smile: . Next time someone may suggest lasers with N, F, O form soon.

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It was already nerfed to x2.5.
Either way, with that and the key boost nerf/removal there is pretty much no reason to play comet chase. So the actual solution to this problem is to just play something other than comet chase.

As far as SSH (or rather high difficulty in general - people seem to forget that missions can have 100% difficulty regardless of skill used, and 100% comet chase is pretty bad already) itself is concerned, it seems to be devolving into a complete money sink.

And current comet chase is a great example - it is, by design, unfair (as you can be trapped without any option to survive) and therefore requires special weapons/satellites to make sure you can actually get through it without dying (unless you make use of the fact that some weapons spawn projectiles from under or to the side of your ship’s hitbox, which might still not be enough to save you). You might be able to do so without them, but not necessarily, and it’s not a matter of skill, but RNG (anyone else seeing a pattern emerging?).

So I wouldn’t expect comet chase to be nerfed. If anything, other mission types will likely be brought up to its level. I suspect we’ll probably see such changes after the Weapon Balance Rework Program is done.

I’m also curious if it’s going to translate into challenges. You already can’t compete in them without special weapons, but I wonder how much further this can be pushed.


Really? My FPS counter always jumping between 90-130 fps while playing CIU.

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It IS already impossible.

Huh, that’s why my FPS is from 30-40 while in the past it’s 50-60

At least Henley’s Comet spawns comets that comes in (2) patterns. Athough it’s kinda unfair that such boss can only do that.

Because all of them are always “heat vulcan”, yes, they are.

Bruh, not always. I play on SSH and handle them.

You both, use another weapon rather than vulcan against the comet chase.
Accept the challenge. (Yes, i did)

Unlike in the case of regular waves where an enemy type which punishes the usage of certain weapons, eg Cowards and Slobs punishing Riddler and Photon Swarm players,
Comet Chase punishing non-vulcan users isn’t unfair since you’re already informed about what type of mission you’re playing as opposed to a random mob of Cowards and Slobs.


First, Don’t challenge the others when you haven’t challenged yourself yet. (If you did, record a video and prove it).
Second, @SpryterTerraxian’s point still stands, it’s not meant for easy difficulties, it’s only for hard difficulties. and it must have some sense of challenging as he said.