Early Access version 109

Why yes? It’s not about the balance, it’s about having an environment that feels different from others.

The only rule is that new players always spawn near a planet where there’s at least one short-and-easy Invasion. But that is clearly the bare minimum. The more you can play without leaving the star system, the better. To this end, mission difficulty for Invasions is capped at 50% (+10% for each tier), so that all Invasions are playable from the start.


Can’t wait for a custom mission that has both frozen and massive environment, we do be getting turtle ships.

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Right now, this is about conjuring up an imaginary issue (frozen environments don’t require a shield to fly missions in, which is bad because ???), and then creating a motivation (making the environment “do something”) to “fix” the imaginary issue (add a shield).

Because objects do not just become slower the more they get freezed. That’s not how mafia works. The temperature of the environment, as far as I can tell, should have no impact on the object’s motion just by itself. Perhaps if the temperature has a significant effect on the physical properties of the medium, but I think it’s pretty safe to assume here that we’re flying in a near vacuum.


Proposal: Add Dr. Beaker boss track to the store. I really like it.

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  1. It’s been suggested several times
  2. Proposal: check this topic

@InterAction_studios who is @who ?


It’s a question wondering who suggested the idea.


Maybe IA suggested this wave for himself or it’s a joke or the medal for
image .
@InterAction_studios , if it for no one then remove medal reward .

First, can you pass a Double Team wave with Dr.Beaker? Then thinking carefully later!

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@InterAction_studios , can you make wave: “To Infinity and Beyond” enemies appear faster?

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I guess this is the one


Indeed; thanks.


I really don’t remember this person who suggested this wave so it turns out it was actually @ScarletCuboids

@InterAction_studios can you decrease these large amount of indestructible barriers or make them destructible in “Ribbit” Wave? they are too many and we take too long to destroy the saucers behind them.

and can mirrored variations be done in those waves:

  1. Visitor From Another Dimenstion
  2. Enemy Queue
  3. Complex Fractals
  4. Overarching Chickens.
  5. Divide and Conquer
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Ngl, had me in the first half, but seriously, stop it with the mirrored waves.

And why i should stop? do they look impossible?

Because that’s scraping the bottom of the barrel when it comes to ideas. I sure don’t want someone else to take up goldenboss’s reputation as a member who wants mirrored waves.

Tldr: Mirrored waves=low effort ideas, think of something more creative.

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Requesting for mirrored variation for almost symmetrical waves is way unnecessary


Good point. i will stop then