Early Access version 78

Hello InterAction Studios. When could the game possibly enter its final production phase? There are already 78 updates behind us, and there’s no end in sight. Polish translation for polish players (
Witajcie InterAction Studios. Kiedy gra mogłaby wejść prawdopodobnie w ewentualną ostatnią fazę produkcji? Za nami już 78 aktualizacji, a końca nie widać.)

when it’s done


InterAction studios Can you check this and replay me for first time :disappointed: , please?



You stole my words!

What do you mean by Saucer chick?

ufo chick, the one that drops the saucer when broken

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Yeah, when I logged-in today and it appeared too. I’ll post a screenshot next time if this happened again.

Ok, maybe you can add it later? It it gets added will this effect Meteor Storm missions only or everything else(including other missions&waves ordering)?

So even if the player clicked “Leave orbit” at Wormhole but stayed near it, contacts won’t be able to locate him. Sorry for repeating this, I made a mistake by saying “not leave orbit” in the original question.

I don’t think it’s possible since skills are disallowed. Speaking of that could you allow skills for Anniversary mission only?

For example the Pecking Order starts from the left at 1st group, make it start from the right at 2nd group, then from the left at 3rd group. To be easier to get like at CrossHatch wave.

Not if you have Plasma\Positron\Absolver. This is like why “The Weakest\Strongest Link” wave have Clean Sweep bonus, because it’s hard to miss some enemies but it’s still possible.

Idk, they’re still a small amount at elite difficulties, but other players won’t agree anyway.

But if some are tall it’ll be a lie.

If that person didn’t have CHL will they still not be banned?

I think you should add a warning at Key Rush missions when pausing the game to let players know that if they surrender they won’t be able to fly it again(make it look like the warning at competitive missions). And add a :warning: sign at “Surrender” button(like “End session” button at competitive missions).

When you destroy Toxics at “Chicken Quadrants” wave while they’re moving(at bottom left/right), toxic clouds will block your way and prevent you from collecting food. Idk should they be disabled? They won’t make much sense now since UFO Chick & Chickenaut’s projectiles are color changed.

Same for “Do the Bacstroke” wave, why some groups appear at the very bottom? This could be mostly problematic with Toxics & Cowards. Is it possible to disable those?

Glad that Slobs & Cowards are finally prevented from spawning at “Wormhole” wave but there are variants where about 8 Chickenauts or Eggships spawn at that wave. So plz disable that variant because it’s not fair, like Cowards. However if you can’t remove it unless you remove Chickenauts & Eggships completely, then do it because they aren’t fair at waves like “Wormhole” when you’re forced to stay near them.

I think a new problem with plasma!
this was a problem when spaceship was horizontal but it has the same problem in ultimate power and above.The problem is that some incisions are seen


That is not known. The game will continue to be improved, even after Early Access is over. Besides, you can enjoy playing it in its current state, so there would be real benefit to “finishing” it.

I don’t have anything to say. Besides, I don’t see any strong community support for your idea.


Why would it not be possible? The top player is already at 70 billion. 100 billion isn’t a stretch.

Ah, no.

Don’t really understand you, but banning is independent of CHL. You can certainly be banned, even if you have a CHL.

Good point. Added to list.

This only happens on hard difficulties, so it’s reasonable.

That’s not a legitimate reason for disabling them.

The goal is not to make every possible combination of enemies on every wave 100% killable. Sometimes you might just have to let some get away.

Known. I couldn’t find a good way of fixing this, but I’ve added it to the list again in case I can come up with something better.


No, it’s unfair!
I cannot buy that!

What about my other ideas?
I get the “good replay” badge from them many times

There aren’t lots of benefits to CHL currently, all you get is harder missions and cheaper equipment, including some paintjobs and more contacts. There aren’t that many special things about it yet, so don’t be sad you can’t buy it currently, as there aren’t that many benefits to it anyway. The reason I bought it in the first place was just to support the dev for his game.



I can’t respond to all ideas individually. There’s a huge backlog of idea posts I haven’t even had a chance to look at yet.

“Likes” are not a good indicator, because they don’t show the negative reactions. Polls are much better and, in fact, I’m considering making them mandatory for any new ideas.


I know you are alone and checking all posts are so difficult for you.
Will you check them?even after early access?

I agree but what can I do now?
there is only a way which is you check them that is so hard.
Okay.I become calm now. It had been in my heart for a long time.

Added to v.79 :medal_sports: Idea

:earth_americas: Note that this change adds a new phrase to be translated.


Excuse me, is it possible for the image to remain still and not move when the screenshot is taken by the button in the game itself?
If I want to take a picture of a robot in the galaxy, I can’t because it moves.

Was recording tutorial for educational purposes and this happened. I remember it was reported before with a workaround of moving camera but this used to be the first impression of the game to the new player. Just in case, that pop sound is edited in.


Pop culture?