Early Access version 74.2

Found an actual bug.
I don’t have CHL but when my squadron leader assigns me an SS mission, the option isn’t greyed out. Instead I just lose connection.

Well, it’ll be fixed automatically in the next version, when Double Team missions will be prevented from being assigned at all.

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Even me, I have experienced the same thing as yours

Lol (Star image)

Why my task bar is on game after screen shot?

I pay a health for above screenshot so check it please :wink:

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What is this?

Wonder if it also increase their firerate (Pls no)

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Pls yes

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Most of peoples are not check that what has been added this update.
So what about if everyone got a massage that what has been added this update?
Massage name-:

Full massage-:

Emoji will not be show. New players will not get this massage.

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I want a massage, my back is killing

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You mean In-game important (administrative) message?

iA, how about giving this pattern to military chickens on double teams on >100% difficulties:
Grenades-> Move-> ^Knives-> Grenade-> Move-> Knives-> Move-> Grenades-> loop from ^

Just like it did when it got glitched that time when Chicken Exponentiality was added.


Yes please

It’s a lot more interesting than the current pattern. Also, if that does get added, let’s add it for the individual version as well.


Zabar? maybe…

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iA, could Egg Cannon fire red bullets at you 5 times from 100% difficulty, 6 times from 120% difficulty, 4 times from 80% difficulty and below that 3 times?

You could make it fire 5 times from 100% difficulty to 140% difficulty if think 6 times from 120% difficulty is too much.

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Could the egg cannon fire 2 yellow thick beams at once on high difficulties, too?

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All planets have an equal chance of spawning. This means that systems with more planets will naturally ‘attract’ more players.

Yes, but it seems to be causing confusion, so I’ll remove it. Changed in v.75 :medal_sports: Idea

Acknowledged. Amplifiers have some weirdness going on, because they affect individual projectiles, but not shockwaves.

The amp sound is implemented via a hack, so it’s as good as it’s ever going to get.

That’s odd, since the game requests high performance both from Nvidia (Optimus) and ATI (PowerXpress) drivers.

I don’t know why this would not be respected (unless, of course, the user had previously manually selected iGPU)

The coordinates might be off slightly because planets rotate continuously (so their coordinates change). It should be somewhere nearby. Besides, galactic coordinates do not have enough precision to be able to pinpoint specific planets.

Hmm… odd. And you’ve never switched your own language to English, even as a test?

Because flares exist on a separate layer than all enemies.

This is indeed a bug, but it’s already been corrected for v.75:

No, it doesn’t.


No, I never wrote any English letters at my own language(except your name&my callsign reversed because my language is RRR).

And since Superchick will be 40% bigger at Double Team, does that mean his speed will reduce?

At Chicken Exponentiality: when Henperor is moving fast after he uses his 4 laser circles you’ll see the last one fading by itself like this(this also happen with Crab V2.0 on Double Team):

Perhaps make the 4th circle fade faster so it fades fast before Henperor moves.

I noticed that I can only comment on my favorite mission until that limit:

Could you make the limit until there:

Also, could the party chicken’s firerate and their movement speed be slightly increased on Double Teams?