Early Access version 67

Idk why he wrote his callsign in caps tho.

I was asking why did you write blue ocean, I didn’t know who was it

he wrote blue ocean :confused:

can do not cross wave now use eggs with chicken in it ?

Ma boi.

Really?? Sigh whatever.


a bug in “visitors from another dimension”
when i kill the last enemy it will go to next wave fast

You really need to check this topic:

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Uhhhhh all of things that I suggest or report was early did by you :frowning_face:

You have indeed gained points and the number is correct. The issue is that the wrong texture has been chosen for the arrow. Fixed in v.68 :medal_sports: Bug

I can’t do that, because that’s the same notification system that says “User X was defeated on mission Y”. So if I made that change, you’d also see “User X was defeated on mission Y” even though that might have happened hours ago.


Can I know how look is it and how it works?

Can you be patient?


Eh Wait For the update to come out


Sorry iA but could it be an arrow like this:


The fact that it’s a “1” and there’re no other numbers kinda bothers me. I don’t think it’ll work well in waves like “Armored Division” since the sign appear on Armored Chicken’s head for some reason. Why does it sometimes appears on top of enemies?

Also when Feather Brain shoots feathers at you, it shoots only 9 per attack, could you make it 10?

How about making the dare difficulty be the amount you’ve set it recently because I sometimes don’t check and dare at low difficulties? If that not possible you can add a button named “Sat default” above or under image it’ll show the amount of difficulty you set it every time you go to League instead of 47%.

Sometimes when I even use Absolver UCO waves I don’t get image for some reason.

How about adding different durations in League dares? Like for example 2x5 Chicken Invasion/Darkness, wave are still 10 but they got 2 bosses instead of 1 only. You could also add smaller durations like 1x7 Chicken Invasion/Darkness for example.

Since there’re 2 potential bosses in non-chicken invasion mission types, could you add more than 1 stage at them?

How much time does take the contact request and squadron invitation to expire?

Could you add numbers to mission leaderboards:


And could you make them up to 10 instead of 8?

Found one:


i don’t know that thing that i wanna say is bug or idea but

when i dared a person and that person is flying the dare , it shows nothing in right side
it should show some thing
that text should be there but replace the last part (didn’t respond) to “recruit is flying the dare”

That’s intended. I don’t think making “recruit is flying the dare” is as easy as it sounds. You don’t check the dare list every second any way.

I was meaning on when we would be hopping to Steam Early Access but sorry for being so hesitant :sweat:

Extremely grave bug:
The “points” word and the period aren’t well tied up


holy shit

this is bad


It could. But it’s not going to be.

Because it’s a HUD item and it always appears a little below the enemy’s center, where “below” means directly downward on your screen. So if that enemy is upside down, then it might appear over its head.

It’s now remembered until you quit the game (which is not perfect, but a quick and dirty easy solution). Changed in v.68 :medal_sports: Idea

You need at least 10 shots total for this medal to be possible. Maybe with Absolver you kill it faster than that?

Changed in v.68 :medal_sports: Idea :warning: All existing in-progress dares will be deleted.

They never expire. If you reject them, there’s an exponential cool-off period.

Too cluttering.

They already are 10, but this particular mission has only been played 8 times.

v63.2 was over a month ago, so 6+1…

Changed in v.68 :medal_sports: Idea



if we gonna have more or less than 10 waves this should be added too