Early Access version 106.2

@InterAction_studios Why do slobs have a navel hole?
Do alien chickens not hatch?


I had a weird situation when I was fighting the boss “king of crabs” at one point he didn’t throw chicks at me, he just hid them :confused: . I met something like this for the first time, so I don’t know

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We need an option to hide gifter’s callsign
It would show up as “Someone”

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Also can purchases show up in mails and ask you if you want to relog instead? It would be annoying if someone like gifted you in the wrong time


Uh, I think @Sammarald, @Dawid8 and @Francis should get medals as well since we all found out about this together.


Can you replace this with a tip for cycling special weapons?
(Also include it in tutoriel)


IA Can you make head chicken sometimes look at the player like this ?
and chicken in the spaceship always look at player .I want her face to be able to look in all directions except the back.

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Make update notes
show in the important menu in the mails
So players can see all new features, bug fixes and ect

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4th wall break but it doesn’t make sense


Can anyone read this plz? (sorry for low quality pic)



Can you widen the red danger zone circle at the beginning of the Ying and Yan wave? I feel like it would be more appropriate for that circle to be expanded considering how the enemy circle appears in the second picture (speed, distance between the spacecraft and the wave formation), not to mention about the formation reaching the top and bottom of the screen.

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@InterAction_studios can yall please have this removed or make it so its customizable :point_down:

I miss it when i get full power and blasting chickens i miss :zap:20 instead of having :zap:9+11


Choose a different color theme

It has been a while since Multiplayer came out on CIU, and it also received a bunch of improvements, such as making keys available to everyone, adding options to dim other players and their decorations to focus on their own ship, etc.

But what about firepower? As it is, powerups are still a grab-fest where players have to compete with each other. This has numerous disadvantages such as:

  1. Players can use Appetite Attractor to grab most of the firepower, giving the a massive advantage, and adding to the effect of CIU being ‘Pay to win’.

  2. Players who hoarded lots of firepower have no guarantee to stay in a lobby, so them leaving would essentially be a lot of firepower wasted. Also, such players dying repeatedly in high difficulties would also waste firepower quickly.

  3. In a rare but still plausible scenario, players could just spawn alts to populate the lobby and dupe the game’s programming into buffing the powerup spawnrate, and then kicking the alts to get lots of firepower, an abusable mechanic.

To solve these issues, I suggest trying to make all powerups available to everyone like keys are now. Players would no longer have to fight over firepower and it gives us more options than to just buff powerup spawnrate to cope for more players.

There are downsides though:

  1. Excessive firepower for most players, when this new change is coupled with the current firepower spawning mechanic for multiplayer.

  2. Some being bummed by the loss of incentive to be the first to get powerups.

The first downside could be partially mitigated by changing the firepower mechanic to generate less firepower than the current system, but still be scalable to the player count in a lobby and thus, still provide more firepower than singleplayer. This isn’t an ideal solution, so a fixed increase on firepower spawn (2-3x) would be less vulnerable to alt exploits.

I sadly don’t have any solutions for the second downside, but other users may come up with their own solutions, and for the first downside as well.

As always, may the forks be with you all!


Changed in v.107 :medal_sports: Idea


If powerups are made to be collectible by all players independently, then I see no reason for multiplayer to give any more powerups than single player.


:information_source: Estimated v.107 release date: 9 May 2022, 15:00-17:00 GMT


On average, players are more likely to die in multiplayer due to:

  1. High/Inconsistent Ping
  2. Greater screen clutter
  3. More difficult to predict enemy targeting

The latter two can be partially mitigated, but the first point will likely never have a full on fix, especially for many CIU players with sub-optimal networks. Thus the general increase in firepower drops from singleplayer.


It doesn’t have to give more powerups, just do the same with keys and make players see them independently.

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This is going to be nice in shoot the core and the egg cannon

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