Early Access version 97

If anything, I’m showing an arrow, how can I see him if I’m far away from him?

You can always see contacts from any distance.

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I don’t have it in my contacts

Why this guy spam contact me?? 9 times!!!
@InterAction_studios what should we do with this recruit?
Here is the video about that recruit:


Yep, that’s definitely spam, look at the time message was sent, all are the same


That’s not a contact, though

Yes, I understood the first time.

Of course right

WTF is this bug?(I’m 99.999999 sure it is alredy reported )
Why is this playing the sound even after mission?
I thought it would play it until mission ends

Well again…
Translate: brainless bastard

thats a normal name man not a uh…

its not any swearing words bro

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Do you have “capture mouse” on or off in the options?

The only scenario I can think of is that this person used to be your contact, but they removed themselves (or you removed them). If you log in again, does this person still appear?

I’ve made changes to v.98 to investigate this issue. Please report if it happens on the new version.


Fixed in v.98 :medal_sports: Idea


wait but what will that do for it?

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Maybe we’ll find out only when V98 is released, the question marks denoting the coords probably means the nature of such a party is a mystery for now

the mystery is what makes it more exciting

Until the coordinates are leaked 10 minutes after the update

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I just checked and I have it on.

Also I know you said that ideas and features will have to wait after christmas, but if you can, take a look at this post and see if some ideas can be implemented now or later after christmas:


The base multiplier shouldn’t count if its partial or defeat. either way it’ll also stop players to bring no lives and only mass condensers in multiplayer