Early Access version 52

Changed in v.53 :medal_sports: Idea


It should be Fixed in v.53 :medal_sports: Bug


What if it’s actually fixed in v.54 instead lol


ye, sometimes there are bugs which are not fixed in the next update, but in the version after the next update instead lel

Dude, pls no. i don’t want bug fixes to be postponed.

Interesting. We’re having them back.

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It’s user-inaccessible

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Yeah, what does that mean? :thinking:

Isn’t it clear? The waves will be added inside the system, we won’t be able to play them

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I think that it means that’s is still an WIP


I understand now.

Finally people will stop begging to bring them back

(I wonder what we will get as boss)

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Yes, there were a lot of topics of that.

We will see soon™

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Maybe a chicken that will summon feathers or a big feather that will fly around the screen.
What’s better?

  • Big Feather
  • Feather Manipulator

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this one could be the boss :smiling_imp:…I think that will be coll


Can we have something unrelated? I mean, the final bosses in the special mission chapters in CI3-4 had nothing to do with the theme of the mission at all.

But it’s better to have bosses that match the mission type. It was something that was off in episodes - like what mysterious egg has to do with comets.

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I don’t associate it with feathers.

and what apple has to do with supernova. (you forgot to add that :l)

I did not forgot, it’s just not worth to list everything if I can just give one example. And also isn’t it better to discuss things added to “new features” list in chatting place? I mean, it has nothing to do with this EA version.