Early Access version 59.3

It gives satellites like “It’s the mother hen ship” boss, instead.

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Can egg cannon cannonade/egg cannon cannon cannon cannonade drop fire power and gift when destroyed such as yolk star and henterprise

But it already drops 2 fp and 4 gifts throughout the battle


It already did that

Oh, you mean that. Well, if you want gift and fp when it about to die, yeah sure, I’ll take it.

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I aready suggection that.

Maybe he won’t add it.

Mother hen ship will drop coins next version:

You should’ve said another excuse like Francis.


What about alien mothership?

Retro Invaders only drops atoms, so it’s good that Alien Mothership drop multiple types of gifts.

In CI4 retro boss (alien mothership) gave a seatllete when destroys
But now it doesn’t give
Why ? And can it be added ?

Why you want it to drop a satellite at the very end of the mission?


It can be added only in boss rushes.

In case you don’t actually want that no satellite medal, I guess.


Agreed. It seems like some features initially planned exclusively for the CHL (like cloud saves) will become available to everyone, so the CHL isn’t compelling as it stands.

There cannot possibly be any score benefit to the CHL because that would make it unfair for challenges. Currently planned benefits are:

  • No ads / no nags.
  • Exclusive challenges for CHL holders
  • (uncertain) Galactic Store discount (as you suggested)
  • (uncertain) Exclusive store items (e.g. the highest model in each spacecraft line)

Universal Grandmaster also sounds like a suitable candidate :wink:


Thanks for this, that’ll make the game a bit more challenging

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Hello iA and others, I have seen an interesting and weird thing , so here is how it happened :
I was logging on when I see some new events. Then I went to the daily mission and I tried hard , I lost , then I was located to space burger #2792 then I selled my 85 food in return of 5 keys. Then I went to daily mission again and tried intermade, still lost but I gained 154 food , then I went to the space burger and said I couldn’t sell that 154 food at the space burger.
I have some photos of the last part I said in this reply :

hope you have a great day.

Can you please read This and This if it’s possible

Well, people who buy the CHL should already know what they’re doing.
Universal Grandmaster should at least be a pretty good incentive for those who also seek a challenge, and should be a type of skill that takes the player’s skills very seriously. So, +60/75% difficulty? (And 9 cannoned yolk star? Yes, 9. Because this skill should be taking the player seriously. Try to buff the other bosses too in one way or another.)
You might want to put a warning that does explicitly say it’s an extremely hard skill level, and that players should not complain about it’s difficulty otherwise. Then again, it IS put behind a paywall, so if you buy the license to use UG, you oblige to the warning.

Description: No one can save you now, for you’ll be saving us all.

If you figure enemies should need even more health… You can toss in a “+25% enemy resistance”, so it reduces your damage output to 75%, like every enemy was stronger against your weapons.
As for the key drop rate and Score boost, it could be made higher too. How does Score +300% and +75/100% key rate sound?
You might also want the projectile speed buff to be at only 20/30%, just so eggs do not become sniper eggs that no human reaction speed can dodge.

As for the Galactic Store Discount… I mean, it’s kinda fair. People know stuff in there are original price, and that it’ll be pretty high, so a 10/15% discount would be quite good to the casuals as well.


Well, I thought of some more benefits of the license:

  • Daily login reward: 100/125 keys

  • Daily login reward: 300 food items (not sure about this one)

  • 30% CHL key boost after successful mission. (limited to 3 times a day, you won’t lose a chance if you fail the mission. You will just get the typical key boost that type of mission has.)


Premitting that I will buy the license as soon as It’s avaiable:

I’m not aganst this but I must say no to it.
There are high chances that free users will complain about this all the time and leave negative revews

I’m aganst this because that would make CHL a bit mandatory for challenges due to smaller hitboxes and faster speed.

I’m ok for microtransations and exclusive satellites but not for p2w.

This sounds as endgame content locked behind a paywall to me

Locking hughest difficulty for people who actually buy the game? Not a fan of it but agree with this decision as long as bosses get €5 worth of AI changes
(I didn’t want to sound rude. Apologize if I sounded like that)

CHL feature suggestions:

)Extra exclusive paintjob options (something like 1/2 more texture per part)

)Chance for uncommon and rare items to appear in galactic store (legendaries still locked to stores)

)Ability to replay a daily challenge once per week but the second attempt is the one that counts in leaderboard (insane advantage but not alwais)(Am I cotraddicting myself in the same post?)

)If weapon skins will ever become a thing one really cool skin (golden utensil poker is a thing that apparently players want and that weapon is iconic to the series…) should be for licensed players only

)Ability to start a chat with contacts (If both users are licensed)

)Ability to gift license to contacts (Since I don’t think it will be giftable via Steam)

)Get a free level 1 utensil poker in order to give an incentive for an early game purchase (weapon still avaiable for everyone)

)Pidgey’s key suggestions are really nice boosts thate are not unfair for free users

)Their ships can be selected as possible looks for the Rebel boss (I’m reworking some of my suggestions and I will explain this point in that topic)

)When new stuff is added in the shops (weapons, superweapons, satellites, perishables ecc) they have the ability to buy it one week before everyone else (not unfair for free users and/but can give a sense of pride and accomplishment for licensed players)

)Ability to assign assigned missions

)Right now licensed users have a yellow asterisk to mark their location in galaxy map but nothing “to flex” their license in leaderboards. I suggest to add some “shiny” or “glittery” effects to their callsigns too.
(Or giving them the ability to change callsign color)


Okay, I think that’s sort of overkill :thinking:

Quite an intimidating list.

But the ability to gift a license? I’ll take that. I can gift it to me friendos.

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