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I’m mildly annoyed that the 150 posts here had little to do with Cyberpunk 2077 and weak game launches.

kibrpnk 2020

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Chocoenpunk 3212

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wake up recruit
we have a galaxy to save


or steal from
savage best mision tyep

I feel bad for a good tweak like that to be removed completely, how about instead you make it available from 110% or 120% difficulty? That way it’ll be only available at super-hard missions(aka more suitable difficulty for it) and won’t appear that many times too.

And since tweaks can be removed, let’s talk about Superchick’s size increase at Double Team, I thought his speed will reduce the more he gets bigger(because he isn’t that fast at normal boss battle), but turns out I’m wrong and he’s still crazy fast but bigger which made the fight harder of course. I’ll just make a poll to know people’s opinion if Superchick should be smaller or slower or should be as he is:

Should Superchick at Double Team be smaller
  • Yes, reduce his size.
  • No, but he should be slower.
  • No, he’s fine.
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Also check Donny’s suggestion in-case you haven’t noticed from b4:

And please answer my question if possible:

That good, but is it intended that Special Forces moves left(or right) first then throw bombs at Double Team, while he do the opposite at normal battle?

B4 any of you reply, I already stopped boss buffing suggestions, I just don’t want Egg Cannon’s tweak above to be completely removed but to be available at very high and suitable difficulties for it, that only.


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iA need to buff the Yolk-Star 2nd Phase, it’s too easy to beat

yolk-star itself is already hard. Yolk-Star itself is already hard


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Yolk-Star Himself is already hard enough
and for god-sake casual players E X I S T S


Buffing the yolk star on 2nd phase isn’t a good idea to have and it takes forever to kill it

it’s will be harder if play on massive condition

the 1st is really hard, but the 2nd phase it’s too easy, i don’t said that the yolk-star is easy

And the hend game, I can easily beat cuz the health of ship is suck

Did you play in SSH (Superstar Hero)?

First of all

  1. Play it on tourist difficulty

  2. We don’t need to buff the yolk star on the 2nd phase of it

I always play in SSH, never play in normal

The 1st phase is hard enough.
The second phase is like “Finish him” phase.

Why you want yolk star go full hell?!

Of course, she is the villain that all

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Please. Yolk star is already hard. There’s no buffing needed.