CIU version 140

No. Leave them. Don’t mess up the order with Retro Missions like that.


I didn’t see any big exhausts. Idle exhausts is correct whenever you are docked or stationary.

I’ve logged in as you and also as a different player, and in both cases your exhaust is visible. Granted, it’s barely visible and you need to zoom in to see it, but it’s there.



Fixed in v.141 :medal_sports: Bug


“InterAction” can’t be used in callsigns.


Ah cool to note.

Music bug ? : After killing the boss when I join a multiplayer mission (during warp/stage clear) the boss music is still played until we reach to next stage.

Well well
Hello again after a long time
Look how many improvements we got!
And I missed CI5 noooo



Holy heck. Mysterious egg ship is real (I mean, as a plan, but still).



what’s this ? I just turned graphics setting (border less to windowed mode)

“Mission” button’s opacity , how it’s changed ?


Oh…idk try login again or restart the game?

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Done , fixed. But maybe this will say “Hello” again . Means maybe this will happen again.

What did you do for that to happen?

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I don’t know. I wanted to take some screenshots (IDK for what purpose) then I just changed this :

to this:

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in borderless, you can take a screenshot using Windows+ shift + S
try it


nothing happened , but windowed mode is best for me.

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um guys this is loop i enter wormhole and the game crashed but after join in CIU Game there is from duplicate login any other large players in small zoom iA could some help.

Here’s another CI2U prompt that popped in my head.

Upon entering Venus, should there be asteroids in the background?
  • Yes
  • No
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Should this be intended? When you set the time for your device incorrectly, this will be happened:

My computer has just reseted the time because i got lowest battery. And you will see this if you won’t set the time in your device back to the current time.


CIU uses your local time for calculations that are being displayed. That’s normal.

Solution is : change your device time .

2 Ideas (one is maybe useful ) :

Idea 1 : Add direct shortcut to mute sound in menu (when ESC is pressed) during multiplayer . (This is useful for some players like me who want to mute sound quickly)

Idea2 : wave “Chicken burger” , enemies appears from right side but now they will appear randomly from both sides.

Which you think is useful ?
  • Idea 1 (shortcut/button to mute sound directly)
  • Idea 2 (enemies will appear randomly from right and left side)
  • Both are useful
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