CIU version 139 BETA

The Weakest/ Strongest Link has “Pecking Order” bonus in CI4U.

Saucer Chicken (CI4U) was wearing bunny headband (brown fur).

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why not

Fixed in v.139.5 :medal_sports: Bug

Fixed in v.139.5 :medal_sports: Bug

Changed in v.139.5 :medal_sports: Idea

Fixed in v.139.5 :medal_sports: Bug

Fixed in v.139.5 :medal_sports: Bug

Fixed in v.139.5 :medal_sports: Bug

Can’t reproduce. I see it fine in CIU, CI4U and CI5U.

What the cluck? Windows Update decided to reboot my server in the middle of the night, forcibly terminating all my VMs and losing my unsaved open files :face_with_symbols_over_mouth: :face_with_symbols_over_mouth: :face_with_symbols_over_mouth:

Reported, no easy fix yet. CIU version 139 BETA - #272 by HuyTheKiller

This is a translation issue. I re-ordered the quips but forgot to fix up the correspondence. It will work correctly in the official release.

I see no harm in leaving that in.

Fixed in v.139.5 :medal_sports: Bug


well windows always have update so u cant avoid
best solution is disable windows update (not recommend)

Never suggest that, especially when you’re organizing a company, a server, or smth similar.

I see that this change still not apply to v139.4. Ah, i’m talking about the supernova explosion, which effect from the cutscene to “in-side mission”, like how CI4 original work


Can you add the ability to move between cutscenes by scrolling back and forth?
Sometimes a mistake was made with an extra click, the cutscene was skipped…

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Why the hell do you use Windows for server? Debian sounded too normal?

IA everyone voted to add CI2 music in the galaxy store

Please give the people what they need
even if it’s boring


8 ‘‘Yes’’ voters isn’t convincing enough.

If CI2U is added, this music will also be added

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Oh, I was thinking of the proximity eggs, they use the different egg break sound but keep the regular texture


fine I will open it for 2 days and we will see

if the yes more than no then the CI2 music will be added

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in CI5 the 3 planetary missions waves don’t have any names. how about make a simple name at all Artifact Recovery Mission

Easier to manage things, ig?
Also install a Virtualbox on Linux doesn’t sound that uh… “Simple”? You have to install, upgrade packages blah blah.

It’s easier to count reasons to use Windows with a VM rather than using plain Linux, especially if dealing with some testing stand. At least because the setup of something (not talking about the apps) takes way less time.

As for updates, I believe there was an option to prevent Windows 10 from automatically restarting the system when the update is ready. There’s also, of course, an option to pause the updates, which might have been useful, unless there wasn’t a minor issue with it: it doesn’t let you pause the updates for longer than a week. After that it returns and strikes back. There is no simple way to disable updates like in 7, even the registry tricks don’t work anymore. The only working way I remember is changing the permissions of the update file so Windows itself can’t write to it, causing an error and preventing the update.

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I have a really good idea when phenox dies it becomes an area heat for 8 sec

just look like the chiller chicken when it dies


the inferno attack is already scary
adding that would make it really annoying and lose its unique with chilly and toxic


i know but ia will agree or disagree

althow burgermister and chicken expertion are so annoying