Early Access version 91.3

Not all VPNs will let you bypass this. Especially not with default settings. Try

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just turn off help

Screenshot 2021-10-13 160354


Yolk star lasers in multiplayer is buggy
It just came to down

Already fixed for the next update

iA, can you make people able to fly Multiplayer in competitive missions (At least Weekly challenge, Iron man and Anniversary) However, no one will get anything or be in the top players, It’s going to be cool to fly a long mission with players, just like CI episodes.

It will spoiler all the wave instead.

looks like a spirit


what is that tho?

make it a seperate mission

idk, ironmen?

Like Ctrl+Alt+X? It’s already shown in-game in v.91.3

It’s clear from your video that satellites are NOT firing automatically, as expected. Are you saying that the ONE time you fired your satellites in the video, that you didn’t actually explicitly press right-click? It could be a bad mouse. Also, do you have anything that might be recognized as a joystick/gamepad attached to your computer? At the main menu, select Options → Controls → Joypad → Customize joypad. Does it say “(1) --” next to joypad? Or does it say something else?

That is expected. Some games fill up fast. I’ll see if I can make this a softer error, rather than a hard failure though.

Point taken, but unavoidable. Turn off in-game help in your Options->Gameplay.

I’ve made a note


iA,you see in whole game i didn’t fire any satellites before wave henn diagram in 7:00 minute

Ayo ia, is there any way to show the multiplayer host country on the lobby? Some ppl are rlly far from me and the ping gets like to 400 when i join them…

(I just took random flags :V)


or maybe it should try to ping them while in the multiplayer lobby and display that

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Just a suggestion, but I feel like the gift powerups specifically for other players should be made transparent/see-through on your screen to avoid some momentary confusion. I have been in multiplayer games where one player has had the exact same or a very similar shield color as me. Plus, it’s weird to just be able to fully phase through the powerups when they’re completely visible. There is no other place in the game where it is like that as far as I know. Making gift powerups transparent would help differentiate them further by emphasizing what you can and cannot pickup regardless of shield color.

It might also be a good idea to have a togglable option to make the other players translucent as well, as all of the projectiles and other ships moving around can make it difficult to figure out where you are and what’s coming from you, especially with similar looking ships and the same weapons across different players. This, combined with the movement delay (which I understand is a must), makes multiplayer hard to genuinely play through the game with at the moment due to the amount of chaos and things going on onscreen. However, I will say that with the freedom and lack of penalization it currently has, its fun to mess around with when you aren’t trying to actually win and minimize life loss.

Another suggestion unrelated to multiplayer: Can you please allow for squadron leaders to assign missions from their “Recent missions” tab, rather than the only option to assign a mission being from that mission’s results screen? It could be grayed out for missions that were not completed or missions that you did prior to ownership of a squadron.


Im not sure why but whenever im playing at 9p.m. (in my country) i do always get an disconnection with a message that says “Other side closed connection” and when i reconnect i receive the new messages of the Top 10 and the new Daily/Space race/Weekly or Ironman Missions in my inbox.

I haven’t played the game in a while, i’m not sure if this is a bug or it’s intended.
In the wave “The Magic Flute” after i kill all the chickens the portals will disappear
But i get Pecking Order bonuses as the portals disappears

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