Early Access version 69

I think it would be annoying to listen the same thing for the whole mission.

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There could be a button after finishing the assignment, at mission results. When you click at it it’ll view the leaderboard. The button will appear at assignments only tho.

Ok, sorry, was it included officially by you or is it fanmade?

Alright, you can add it with UCHO5 :wink:

Also can there be a button that allows you to view waves of the mission at normal CI missions?

I noticed that when using max image weapons like Plasma, Lightning are really hard to fire, they became so narrow that they are weaker. Also Cory became so thin that all if them merge into one Corn.


wait what?..

i am in a hot planet’s orbit but the heat shield is still can be sold

Was reported before.

You can still sell the heat shield when u docking a heat planet. It’s on the Known bug & New feature.

Um how can I quote it when the topic (Known bug & new feature) is close?

You create a reply here, then select what you want to quote at it:


What is this for?

I was fighting twice infinity, and while they were doing the spin, i killed one and the other started doing the orange attack until he got to the position were he would start the orange attack

Intended. The other chicken will immediately perform 360 attack, after death of his brother. (And please don’t create the post double times.)

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So you can legally sue other players. :smirk:
It’s just the copyright information.


I was excited about the first part :eye:

iA can you check this post?

iA, this is about Mother Hen Ship’s 5 bullets.

Instead of making it go from 3 to an immediate 7, how about making it so that 5 bullets will show up on 70% - 99%?


From what difficulty does 7-laser Yolk Star appear?
Also from what difficulty does Hend Game starts shooting you with it’s big laser more than 1 time at phase 5?

Could “Locate” button appear here too:

Also I flew a mission that was at “Recent” and I noticed that it appeared 2 places now, at the top and at its original location, see:

Could you show the coordinates at final missions results incase if it’s an assignment and we forgot to look at it? Add it here for example:

  • image

I feel like “Giant Robotic Space Crab” needs a health buff like his brothers, I feel really bad that I can defeat him at 140% difficulty easily in a short time. Also make his attacks a bit little faster like Crab V2.0.

I noticed that Pecking Order appears sometimes and sometimes not in this wave:

I know you told us not to ask you to edit Pecking Orders but I wanna make sure if this is a bug or not.

I noticed that Egg Cannon Confortaion attacks only 4 types at 100% diff, why not make it attack all 5 of its attacks from 100% diif instead?

Now as you can see some players destroy Infinity Chick faster during the spin and the other one starts shooting 360⁰ attack until the end. You said before that no newcomer will fall to this but there are some player. So how about you add that tip I suggested before? That says to wait until they finish spinning.

How about when using Coolants Corn Shotgun don’tmake popcorns when overheating. Make it restart because it’s supposed to never overheat.


Windowed mode, max size. This thing makes rarity go 3.1 because probably it’s rarity sell today.


And it’s not only rarity.


difficulty > 130% I think


Wait a minute, is this bug?

I haven’t shot all the feathers but I have a clean sweep.

Is that henpire ambush?

Feather Fleld wave.

Huh, weird

Also, @InterAction_studios can you add the ability to see your shield in customize? (this could be toggled)

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